Презентация "At the supermarket" 6 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
At the supermarket
  • Supermarket- a large shop,
  • where customers serve themselves with food and other goods needed in the home.
  • 1.Full English 2.Continental breakfast breakfast-one of
  • 1)flakes, juice these things with
  • 2)ham,eggs,tomatoes coffee or tea
  • 3)toast,mar melade
  • 4)coffee or tea with
  • milk
At the supermarket
  • The supermarket is so good
  • But you need a lot of food
  • Though your home is very sweet
  • Now you leave it for the street.
  • And your friends go to the shop
  • With a basket- hop,hop,hop!
  • First he buys some bread and meat-
  • Meat is really what you need,
  • Eggs and butter,meat and jam,
  • Orange juice,a sausage,ham.
  • In the basket that he carries
  • Are bananas,plums and berries.
Departments in the supermarket
  • 1)Fruits
  • 2)Vegetables
  • 3)Dairy products( made from milk)
  • 4)Meat products
  • 5)Drinks
What food is good for us and bad for us?
  • 1) Try to eat more…
  • 2) Don`t eat much…
  • 3)Drink…
  • 4)They are useful for you.
For fun and profit
  • Idiomatic expressions:
  • 1)To be the apples of one`s eye- to be one`s favourite( person or thing)
  • 2)To go bananas-To become wild and angry
  • 3)A lemon- someone who is foolish and worthless
  • 4)A bowl of cherries- something very, very pleasant
  • 5)A carrot- a promised reward for doing something
  • 6)It`s my cup of tea.-It`s for me. It`s mine.
  • Ex.A, B, C page 106.
  • Goodbuy!