Презентация "Geography of London"

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Geography of London
  • 1. North and West
  • 2. Width and longitude
  • 3. London is capital…
  • 4.The population
  • 5. Climate
  • 6. London at the point
  • 8. The west zone
  • 7. Beautiful flowers
  • In the West and North the bugle dominates relief North and South-Scottish uplands, Peninskie, Welsh and Cambrian mountains; on YU.-B. and in the centre – holms plains. The climate moderate, humid.
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London is capital United kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland, Commonwealth nation, port yard Thames beside North epidemic deathes.
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London occupies beside 625 miles.
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  • River Thames
  • Lambeth
  • Green parks
  • Tate modern
  • London Bridge
  • Station
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Average the temperature of the January from 3 till 7C, July 16-17 C, precipitation before 3000 nor on 3 and 6000-7000 mms on YU.-B. per annum. The Yard – a Thames, North, Trent, Mersi, Clyde. Under wood beside 7% territory.
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  • At the point, the developments appear all new and new buildings, but not review on this in London beautiful ecology.
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  • View from the window
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The number of the population London reached its pica in 1951 (8,2 million people) whereupon began reject; throw aside populations in suburbs.
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  • The springtime in London grow very beautiful flowerses.
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The West zone. Here, most big rainfall falls out for year before 3000 mms.
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