Презентация "A cookery travelling" 6 класс

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A Сookery travelling

  • 1. to speak about the great role of traditions in cookery of the British and the Tatar;
  • to learn to use the knowledges in the world communication in modern life;
  • 2. to develop speaking skills in the dialogical and monological situations;
  • to learn to get the useful information in English language from the Mass -media and to present it in public speaking;
  • 3. to rise motivation in studying English language
TRAVEL AGENCY GRAND VOYAGE KAZAN, TATARSTAN. Tatar National Tatar National Cuisine Шамаил


Болгар сугышчысының киеме

Болгар сугышчысының киеме

FAN CLUB OF BRITISH FOOD The British have a sweet tooth. English sandwches English sandwches and English tea Let’s speak about your favorite dishes. Answer these questions.
  • Are you a good eater?
  • What do you usually eat, when are you hungry?
  • What do you usually drink, when are you thirsty?
  • What do you have for breakfast usually?
  • What do you have for dinner usually?
  • What do you have for supper usually?
  • What food do you like best of all?
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