Презентация "Safety first"

Подписи к слайдам:




  • review the words;
  • do some exercises;
  • Listen to your dialogues.
Speak correctly
  • [ə:] – kerb, perfect, turn right, turn red, curtain, Thursday.
  • [eə] – air, spare, care, careful, where, there, dare, fair.
  • Where is the nearest kerb? Go down the street, then turn left into Mill Street and
  • you’ll see it.
  • Don’t play on the road! You should be careful.
  • You can’t park there.
  • When the light turns green, turn left.
Fill in the gaps:
  • Mike ____________ perfectly
  • 2. Can you _________ well?

    3. My friends and I often ___________ in this park.

    4. Can you _____?

    5. My father is a careful driver. He can _____ well.

    6. Diana ________ a picture for her friend.

    7. Harry can _________

    8. My granny is good at_________

Fill in the gaps:


be careful __ the r__d


to t__n

T__n left / t__n r___t

to p__k




Translate into English:
  • Великолепная автошкола;
  • Идти по направлению к парку;
  • Смениться на зеленый (о светофоре);
  • Идти прямо;
  • Рисовать карту города;
  • Будь осторожен на дороге;
  • Отличный самолет;
  • Помнить дорожные знаки;
  • Идти вниз по улице;
  • Останавливаться на светофоре;
  • Смотреть на знак; искать знак;
  • Смотреть в обе стороны;
  • Идти пешком;
  • Много регулировщиков перед школой;
  • Пристегивать ремень безопасности;
  • Высовываться из окна;
  • Безопасное место;
  • Входить в большой автобус;
  • Старые поручни;
  • Новые тормоза и шины;
  • Загораживать вид;
  • Осторожные водители и пешеходы;

October 22


Fill in ¨Can ¨ or ¨can´t¨?
  • 1. Her dad speaks only English. He ________ speak French.
  • 2. I ________ swim a hundred meters.
  • 3. ________ you make a fire?
  • 4. You _____ smoke here.
  • 5. ________ he cook? No, he ________ .
  • 6. What sports ________ you play?
  • 7. Marc ________ drive a car. He’s got a driving license.
  • 8. You _____ ride a bike here. There is a good bike lane here.
  • 9. There´s party tonight. ________ I come?
  • 10. Peter doesn´t want to go to the pool because he ________ swim.
  • 11. Cats ________ climb trees.
  • 12. You ______ cross the road now. The light turned red.
  • 13. You ______ enter this building without an identity card.
  • 14. It is really dark. I ________ see anything.
  • 15. You ____ park the car here. There is a parking zone to the left of the bank over there.
Find the sentences which express examples of:
  • Permission
  • Prohibition
  • Giving directions
Translate the sentences into English:
  • Translate the sentences into English:
  • 1. Посмотрите на знак.
  • 2. Поехали!
  • 3. Идите вниз по улице к саду.
  • 4. Будьте осторожны на дороге.
  • 5. Остановитесь перед светофором.
  • 6. Осторожно, едет машина.
  • 7. Здесь нельзя парковаться.
  • 8. Вы хотите, чтобы я повернул налево?
  • 9. Вы не можете поехать прямо здесь. Посмотрите на знак!
Fill in the right preposition: to, with, after, from, for, till, by, on, at, in.
  • They go…..school ….Monday …..Friday.
  • Some children go….school ….bike, some of them go…..bus, and some go ….foot.
  • Lessons start ….a quarter past nine….the morning.
  • Many pupils eat lunch …..school, but some go home…..lunch.
  • Some friends meet ….a school club ….lessons.
  • Some children play …..the garden …..the weekend.
  • I usually go ….. the park……my friends.
  • This girl is …..our class. She is …..England.
  • We can go …..the café together.
  • We usually buy food ….the grocery.
Fill in the necessary preposition. My name is Laura. I came….San Diego, a city ….California ….the west of the USA. But I am …..York…..the moment. I am a student….the university. York is a very beautiful city ….the north-east of England. It stands …..the river Ouse. It is not far…..Leeds. it is famous …..its cathedral.

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