Презентация "To be, to become, to have a profession of…" 9 класс

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Would you like

To be, to become, to have a profession of…

  • I`d rather (V1)
  • I like the idea of (V-ing)
  • I prefer (to V)
  • I`d like ( to V)

Would you like

to stay on at to leave this your school? school

and to enter

another one?

Prove your opinion.

  • Friends
  • Social life ( I`m ( not) satisfied with…)
  • Teachers ( experienced, to provide good knowledge)
  • Offered subjects (I`m ( not) satisfied with…,
  • useful for my future career)

  • Location ( far/ not far from my house)
  • The reputation ( people say….)

When I was a child I wanted to be a….

Now my plans have changed

My plans haven`t changed and the profession of a …. Is still interesting for me

I`d like to become a …

I`m interested in a profession of…