Конспект урока "Почтальон Печкин в гостях у ребят” 3 класс

Тема: Почтальон Печкин в гостях у ребят
3 класс
1. Организационный этап
Teacher: -Good morning, dear children!
Pupils: -Good morning, Good morning, Good morning, Good morning to you!
Good morning, dear teacher, we are glad to see you!
T: I’m glad to see you, too. Tell me, please, how are you?
P.: We are fine, thank you.
T.: -What’s the date today?
-Who is absent?
- Let’s count!
2. Постановка цели урока
T.: Today we have an unusual guest. He is the Postman Pechkin from Russia
(слайд 1). And he makes for you some interesting tasks. The first task.
3. Повторение изученного ЛМ по теме «Почта»
(слайд 2)
Name the following pictures:
(Дети называют картинки по-английски)
The second task: some letters from these words are lost. Your task to find them.
(слайд 11)
4. Совершенствование навыков аудирования
(слайд 14)
5. Выполнение тренировочных упражнений
And now the Postman Pechkin tell about how to write and send letters.
(слайд 16)
The next task is in your students’ books.
(слайд 18)
6. Домашнее задание
(Слайд 19)
7. Завершающий этап
Our lesson was very interesting. And I and the Postman Pechkin hope you are
very glad. Thank you for your job. You are well-done! Good bye!