Презентация "My day" 6 класс скачать бесплатно

Презентация "My day" 6 класс

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PowerPoint Presentation

  • My Day


  • Организация монологического высказывания (12-15 предложений) по теме “My Day”


  • Организация тренировки и применения изученных ЛЕ и РО по теме, грамматических структур Present Simple;
  • Организация аудирования текста “Bill’s Day”;
  • Развитие логического мышления, памяти, расширение кругозора учащихся.

play on the computer

  • play on the computer
  • take / have a shower
  • have breakfast
  • have classes
  • get up
  • do exercises
  • clean teeth
  • Swim in the swimming pool
  • watch television
  • go to school
  • be on time
  • come/go home
  • help about the house
  • go for a walk

Listen and say if the statements are TRUE or FALSE

  • Bill lives with his grandparents.
  • He gets up late in the morning.
  • He has breakfast at 7.30 and goes to school.
  • He never has lunch at school.
  • Bill usually has five or six classes.
  • In the evening he watches television or reads books.
  • His day finishes late at 11.30. or 11.45. in the evening.