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Success in essay writing

Nelly Malchenko


Gymnasium №18

Steps to better writing

Understanding the task: think carefully about your reasons.

Planning: what items and ideas you would choose.


write in an semi-formal style;

use different ways of expressing a personal opinion.


Is your composition easy to understand?

Have you answered the questions?

Check the spelling, grammar and the number of words.

INTRODUCTION: first paragraph What is your opinion on the topic?

  • Introduces the thesis, catches the interest, why is the topic important.
  • Thesis statement: background (mention a study, quotation, giving a reference: Experts have studied...
  • Connectors:

    through, via, by...As it said...It is said....

    Verbs to use:

    research,study,investigate, analyze...

DEVELOPMENT: main body Develop the thesis by developing the points:

  • What is your viewpoint? What are your 2 reasons?
  • What is the opposing viewpoint? What is your reason?
  • Why you don’t agree with the opposing opinion? What are your reasons?
  • Connectors:

    Listing points: first,second, third...

    Counter: however,even though...

    Addition: In addition to, also, related to...

    Cause and effect: as a result, therefore...

CONCLUSION :summary paragraph How will you restate your opinion?

  • Restate strongest points or retell thesis
  • Give your personal opinion or suggestion
  • Connectors:

    Summary: to sum up...Summarizing...To conclude...

    Opinion: I think that...In my opinion…

    Verbs to use: think, believe, care,agree, disagree...



  • Thesis + Background
  • Developing points
  • Clear but not very simple tenses
  • Focus on the main idea
  • Use a dictionary



Grammar & Spelling

1. Read it again

2. Check if it has sense

3. Check subjects, verbs and verb tenses

4. Check grammar and spelling

Style & Organization

1. It has the 3 parts

2. Thesis statement (background)

3. Paragraph format

Example of the task

You have 40 minutes to do this task. Comment on the following statement.

Some people think that extreme sports help to build character.

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this statement?

Write 200–250 words.

Use the following plan:

1− make an introduction (state the problem)

2− express your personal opinion and give 2–3 reasons for your opinion

3− express an opposing opinion and give 1–2 reasons for this opposing opinion

4− explain why you don’t agree with the opposing opinion

5− make a conclusion restating your position

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Have a good

sleep before

your exam!

Useful links

  • http://www.tuclase.net
  • www.oup.com/elt
  • http://expresspublishing.co.uk
  • www.airis.ru
  • www.fipi.ru