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Презентация "School life" 10 класс

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School life

School life

  • Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.
  • Chinese proverb

Our goals today:

    • to practice the vocabulary on the topic;
    • to develop speaking abilities;
    • to practice reading & listening for gist.

Active vocabulary practice

  • Prepare
  • Learn (2)
  • Get
  • Make
  • Take
  • is
  • For adult life
  • Friends
  • Exams
  • Knowledge
  • Fun
  • Useful subjects
  • to help each other

  • you prepare for adult life you take exams
  • and write tests
  • you learn useful School is a place
  • subjects where… you learn to help
  • each other
  • you get knowledge
  • it is fun
  • you make friends

  • be attentive
  • be active at the lesson get good marks
  • at the lesson
  • talk with the a good pupil keep school
  • classmates should/shouldn’t rules
  • during the
  • lesson be polite
  • look neat come to school always do his/her
  • and tidy on time homework

  • What do you do to be a good pupil?

  • a good teacher
  • should/shouldn’t
  • know his /her
  • subject
  • have a sense of
  • humour
  • understand
  • pupils
  • explain everything
  • clearly
  • look nice, neat
  • and tidy
  • give knowledge
  • be strict
  • respect
  • children


School uniform

  • Do you have to wear a uniform at school or can you wear what you like?
  • Many people believe that uniforms are ________ than casual clothes
  • for children at school.
  • Uniforms remind the children that they have to follow rules at school.
  • Casual clothes __________ this.
  • With all children at school __________ the same clothes, children
  • from rich families dress the same way as children from poorer families.
  • A uniform also _________ a feeling that everyone at the same school
  • is part of the same community.
  • In the 1960s and 1970s, many schools in Britain _________ having a
  • school uniform because of the expense for parents.
  • Since then, however, a number of these schools _________ uniforms back.
  • Their new uniforms are more comfortable and more fashionable than
  • uniforms ________ forty years ago.
  • They’re so popular that many of the head teachers at schools without
  • uniforms ____________ now about bringing uniforms back there too.
  • GOOD
  • NOT DO
  • WEAR
  • STOP
  • BE
  • don’t do
  • better
  • creates
  • wearing
  • have brought
  • stopped
  • were
  • are thinking


  • Be polite
  • Say hello when you see a teacher
  • Come to school on time
  • Stand up when a teacher comes into the class
  • Wear your school uniform
  • Don’t eat or drink in the classroom
  • Don’t run in the corridors
  • Don’t bring mobile phones to class
  • Don’t talk to people in lessons

Home task

  • For-and-against compositions present the advantages and disadvantages of a topic. They consist of:
  • an introduction presenting the topic without giving an opinion;
  • a main body in which you state the arguments for and against the issue in separate paragraphs, each argument is supported with justifications or examples;
  • a conclusion giving your opinion.


  • What have you learned today?
  • What was difficult for you today?
  • Estimate you classmates’ work at the lesson.