Конспект урока "Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching TV" 6 класс

Открытый урок по английскому языку по теме
«Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching TV»
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развивать способности к формулированию выводов из услышанного и
развивать речевые умения;
формировать умение выделять главное, частное
Оборудование: картинки по теме, раздаточный материал
1. Организационный момент
Teacher: Hello, my dear friends. I am happy to see you today. How are
you today? Are you in a good or bad mood today? What can spoil your
mood quite easily?
2. Основная часть урока
1) Игра
To cheer you up let’s start our lesson with the game today. I’ll read the
riddles about different hobbies to you and you’ll try to guess them. Are
you ready? Let’s go.
Teacher: These people can play football or hockey, swim or run very
well. People like to go to the stadium or to the sports ground.
P1: sports.
Teacher: People like to go to the special clubs, discos or they can do it at
home. They can’t do it without music.
P2: It’s dancing.
Teacher: Right you are. Some people like to visit different cities, towns
and historical places. Some people even visit other countries. They can
travel by car, by bus, by train, by plane, on foot. This hobby helps them
learn history, geography and traditions of different people and countries.
P3: It’s travelling.
Teacher: Some people like it very much. They can lie on the sofa and do
it. Usually people do in the evenings. It’s a source of relaxation and
getting news.
P4:it’s watching TV.
2) Аудирование
Teacher: You are absolutely right. Today we are going to talk about
television, its advantages and disadvantages. But, do you know anything
about it? Let’s listen to the record, learn some interesting information
about television and do some tasks. Before listening, let’s pay attention to
the words, given on the blackboard.
Means of communication средство общения
Greek- греческий
Television, also called TV, is one of our most important means of
communication. It brings moving pictures and sounds from around the
world into millions of homes. The name «Television» comes from Greek
word meaning «far», and a Latin word meaning «to see», so the word
«tele vision» means «to see far».
3) Чтение
Teacher: So, we’ve learnt some interesting information about television
and its history. Now, let’s read the text in turn about television, do some
tasks and try to answer the main question “What are the advantages and
disadvantages of watching TV”
Television: arguments for and against watching TV.
Television plays a very important part in people's lives. It’s a wonderful source of
information and one of the best ways to spend free time. TV channels show a lot of
different programmers: documentaries, news programmers, comedies, soap operas,
concerts and talk shows. Television has a lot of advantages. It gives us the
opportunity to travel all over the world, to see different people and to learn about
their customs and traditions. TV is the cheapest form of entertainment, which gives
pleasure to millions of people, especially to old people who live alone. But many
people say that television has a lot of disadvantages and that watching TV is a
terrible waste of time. There are really a lot of bad programmes on TV and of
course, there are TV addicts who just sit down in front of the "box" and watch TV
for hours without choosing programmes. In this case, watching television is for
such people really waste of time. Television really makes some people lazier.
They stay at home, they read less, think less, even talk less. TV cuts them off from
reality and real life is better than this passive enjoyment. The other disadvantage is
that there is too much violence on TV and many people think that watching such
programmes can turn people into criminals. But if we watch TV for an hour a day
to know what is happening in the world or to relax, or to watch some interesting
programme, then television is really useful. Many of programmes shown on TV
can help us a lot. A good soap-opera, or a comedy or even an advertisement may
be a source of relaxation and even some new knowledge for many people. So I
think that television has a lot of advantages .I think, that TV itself doesn't have bad
effects , but people should learn how to use it properly. The ideal thing is to turn on
the TV only when there is a really interesting programme, and to turn it off, if the
programme is stupid or boring and uninteresting.
Teacher: Well-done, my friends. Let’s find the English equivalents to the following
Russian phrases
- Источник информации
- Лучший способ проведения свободного времени
- Возможность путешествовать по миру
- Самое дешевое средство развлечения
- Ужасная трата времени
- Отрезать от реальности
- Пассивное наслаждение
- Превратить людей в уголовников
- Источник отдыха и знаний
- Рационально использовать
Teacher: Great. And now, let’s complete the sentences and answer the
1) Television is…..
2) You can see a lot of …….on TV.
3) Television gives us……
4) The cheapest form of entertainment is….
5) We can watch TV for hours….
6) Watching television is really….
7) Television is really useful if….
8) A good source of relaxation is….
Teacher: Now, it’s time to answer the following questions
1. What is the wonderful source of information?
2. What does television give us?
3. Why does television make us lazier?
4. What is the good influence of television?
5. According to the author’s opinion, how should we watch TV?
6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of watching TV?
Teacher: You’ve worked very well. Now it’s time to answer the main
question “What are the advantages and disadvantages of watching TV”?
Express your opinion, please.
P1: I think, television is a great invention. It has more arguments for than
against. Television is a source of information, the best way to spend our
free time. We can learn the information about many things quickly. We
can sit at home, watch the “box” and know everything.
P2: Yes, I agree. Television is the cheapest form of entertainment. We
can travel from one country to another in an armchair. It’s good for
disabled and old people who live alone.
P3: I disagree with P1 and P2, because people become lazier, because of
it. They waste their time. They come from work and do nothing only
watch TV. They do not read.
P4: I think that television is out of date nowadays, because of the
Internet. Many people prefer the Internet to television. It’s not good too.
4) Составляем диаграмму:
Teacher: Thank you very much for your points of view. Now, let’s make
up a chart:
Advantages - makes people lazy;
- Helps people relax: - takes our time;
- Helps receive information sitting at home; - damages our eyes
- Is a way of spending our free time;
- Is convenient for disabled and lonely people;
- Is a way to see and listen to famous people.
III. Заключительная часть урока. Подведение итогов
Teacher: So, as we can see television has both advantages and disadvantages
and it’s up to you to decide whether to watch it or not. Thanks a lot for your
attention. Your marks are….The lesson is over. Goodbye.