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Презентация "Welcome to the United Kingdom!" 5 класс

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Welcome to United Kingdom!

Welcome to the United Kingdom!

The United Kingdom Of The Great Britain and Northern Ireland

  • The population is
  • 58,789,194
  • inhabitants

The capital is London – the biggest city in Europe

The Head Of The State

  • Queen
  • Elizabeth II


  • Houses of Parliament and
  • Big Ben

The Grampian Mountains Scotland


  • Deer
  • Rabbit


  • Loch Ness Lake
  • Nessie Monster

Wembley Stadium

English Favorite Sports

  • Football
  • Golf
  • Tennis

Science & Education

  • Oxford
  • University
  • Cambridge
  • University

Great Scientists

  • Isaac Newton
  • Charles Darwin

English Literature

  • William Shakespeare
  • Robert Burns

The book- bestseller

  • “Harry Potter” by J.K. Rowling

British Rock Music

  • The Beatles
  • Pink Floyd

British Rock And Pop Music

  • Queen
  • Elton John

Welcome To England!