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Презентация "Travel Leaflet (Britain)"

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  • Glebova Inga
  • English teacher

Welcome to Britain!

  • A lot of people visit Britain every year to practice language, to take part in festivals, to see ancient castles, to try national food
  • Famous people, sport, traditions and customs attract tourists there!

Ways of traveling

  • You can travel to Great Britain by plane. It is very comfortable and it is the fastest way to get there.
  • Welcome to Heathrow- the largest and busiest airport of the country!


  • You can stay at a hotel or a guest house or a “bed & breakfast”.
  • Services and prices will surprise you.


  • Great Britain is a very beautiful country. On the one hand it has amazing cities and small towns, on the other hand it has wonderful countryside.
  • People associate Britain with Big Ben, Cambridge and Oxford universities, Scottish bagpipe music, football, flat plains, woods and hills.

The night London

  • Enjoy the impressive sight of night London.
  • The capital of the country is one of the oldest city in the world. It is a cultural, and financial center of Britain.

Lake District

  • If you are in Britain, visit the Lake District, you`ll be impressed by the beauty of it!


  • There is a wide variety of activities in Britain. You can visit ancient castles in Cardiff and Longleat, go boating on a river in Oxford, visit museums in Belfast, Liverpool, ride a horse in Manchester.

Don`t forget!

  • You need a ticket, passport, visa, health insurance, first aid kit, money belt by all means.
  • You will also need a map, camera, travel guide.