Презентация "Preparing your favorite dish" 6 класс

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Preparing your favorite dish What’s your favorite dish?
  • What did you have for dinner last night? Tell the class how you make the dish?
Which of this words did you use? Are they cooking actions, ingredients or utensils?
  • cooking actions ingredients utensils
  • … … …
  • Can you add more words to these categories? What are your favorite ingredients?
  • cheese
  • cut
  • pot
  • boil
  • beef
  • chopping board
Fill in the blanks in the recipe using the words below
  • First, make the sauce … an onion and some garlic into very small pieces. Next, …some butter in a pan.
  • … the onions and garlic to the pan and … them in the melted butter. Use very low heat. Then … some cream into the pan. … the mixture. Finally, …the sauce over grilled lamb chops and … immediately.
  • add
  • fry
  • serve
  • melt
  • stir
  • pour
  • chop
  • boil
  • peel
  • spread
Your relatives are coming to dinner tonight, and you don’t know what to make! Ask a friend for advice.
  • Pupil 1: Explain how to make your favorite dish.
  • Pupil 2: Ask questions about making this dish.
Today we …
  • explained how to prepare a dish;
  • used words related to cooking.