Презентация "Think globally, act locally!"

Подписи к слайдам:
Name: The Earth
  • Name: The Earth
  • Other names: the World, The Blue Planet
  • Address: the Solar System,the Milky Way,the Galaxy, the Universe
  • Weight: 597 thousand million,million, million tons (It’s 81 times as heavy as the Moon)
  • Age: 4,600 million years
  • Color: blue, brown, green,often white with clouds
  • Closest neighbours: the Moon
  • Occupation : making happy people, animals and plants
  • Hobbies: space travel
  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Too much waste!
  • Red data book
Five-minute test
  • Complete the sentences using the words
  • a little bit, b) spoiled, c) personally, d) disasters, e) piled, f) society, g) international, h) term, i) accent, j) cooperation, k) crisis
  • The environmental _______ we are facing today may cause damage to the planet.
  • It was one of the last days of the winter ______.
  • Greenpeace is an ___________ environmental organization.
  • The members of Greenpeace acted fast and bravely. They were thanked for their _________.
  • This man speaking with an _________ is a Russian member of Greenpeace.
  • I wanted to know who __________ had dumped all that waste.
  • Would you like to join the “Save the Animals” ________?
  • They found a lot of litter ________ under the trees.
  • Rainstorms and floods are __________.
  • He has ________ the final result of our action.
  • There are many foreigners here. Could you speak _______ slower?
The ways out of crisis.
  • Ecological problems
  • Main reasons
  • The possible solutions of the problems
  • The air is polluted.
  • The water is spoiled.
  • The land is damaged.