Конспект урока "Famous people" 6 класс (УМК М.З. Биболетовой)

Урок по теме "Famous people". 6-й класс,
УМК М.З. Биболетовой
Тема: «Talking about the Famous» в 6-м классе по УМК М.З. Биболетовой.
Цель: формирование умения делать сообщения об известных людях Великобритании
через кодирование информации в схемы и использование подстановочных таблиц.
Воспитывать интерес к стране изучаемого языка, уважение к известным людям.
Актуализировать лексику к теме, учить делать сообщения по теме.
Развивать логическое мышление и память в процессе выполнения подстановочных
I часть. Организационный момент
Hello children. Nice to meet you.
Фонетическая зарядка. Стихотворение.
What are you going to be?
What are you going to be?
I’m going to be a scientist (a sportsman, an opera-singer, an architect, a poet, an actress, an artist,
a teacher…)
That’s the life for me.
Режим работы: цепочка У1-У2
Время: 5 минут
I want you to speak about famous British people.
II часть
1. Say what these people are famous for
A. Christie
is famous for
the wonderful colours in his pictures
D. Defoe
his novel « Robinson Crusoe»
C. Chaplin
his films
J. Turner
her detective stories
W. Shakespeare
his books «The Hobbit», «the Lord of Ring»
J. Lennon
his theory of evolution
M. Twain
his songs
J. Tolkien
his poems and plays
C. Darwin
his books
Режим работы: фронтально.
Время: 5 минут
2. Fill in the gaps. There are two extra words.
are proud of, popular, was fond of, was famous for, admire, are full of, was born, song
«The Beatles» is the most 1)…...group in rock music history. One of «The Beatles» was John
Lennon. He 2)……… in Liverpool in 1940. He 3)…………music. He formed pop group«The
Beatles» in 1962. John Lennon was the Beatles’ heart. He 4)………… his songs «Woman»,
«Imagine», «Yesterday». People 5)…………them. Most of them were about love. British people
Режим работы: в парах.
Время: 7 минут.
1. Speak about famous British people using the box.
J. Turner
J. Tolkien
his pictures, in
England, nature, for the
wonderful colours in
his pictures, master of
his books, England, languages,
when his books «The Hobbit»
and «The Lord of the Ring»
were published, an outstanding
linguist and writer
Режим работы: фронтально
Время: 10 минут
3. Tell your classmates about any famous man or woman you admire. Don’t tell then his/her
name. Let your classmates guess who she/he is.
Режим работы: индивидуально.
Время: :5 минут.
Примерный ответ детей:
He is famous for his poems and plays. He was born in England. He was fond of theatre. He
became popular as the author of plays «Romeo and Juliet» and «Hamlet». He was called an
outstanding poet. British people are proud of him.
4. Guess the riddle.
Режим работы: У1-У2
Время: 5 минут
III часть. Рефлексия
Answer the questions: Whom do you admire? Why?
Режим работы: фронтально.
Время: 3 минуты.
Домашнее задание: Speak about any Russian man or woman whom you admire.