Конспект урока "Are you a good friend?" 5 класс

г. Улан-Удэ, республики Бурятия
Конспект урока по английскому языку в 5 классе
По теме: Are you a good friend?
Подготовила учитель английского языка
Цыдыпова Людмила Аркадьевна
Ход урока
I. Warm up
Good morning, children.
Today we’ve got an unusual lesson. We have got guests.
Say good morning to the teachers.
Take your places. (Sit down, please)
II. Мотивация, определение темы, цели урока. (5 min)
Let’s watch the video. (Mother goose club song Hello friends)
What is it about? It’s about friends
You’re absolutely right. Today we’ll speak about friends.
We’ll try to answer the question: How to be a good friend? (записать на доске)
Look, children. What have I got? (Показываю цветик семицветик)
Right you are, I’ve got the flower. But it’s an unusual flower, it’s a magic one. It’s
Magic seven petal flower. This flower will help us to answer our question How
to be a good friend.
III. Актуализация знаний. (2 min)
(отрываю 1 лепесток)
Look, here is the first task for you:
What comes into your mind when you hear the word FRIEND? (Составление
карты понятий на доске)
helpful best honest
true funny
nice kind
talkative hard-working
generous cheerful polite
Well done, children! You know many words.
IV. Введение новой лексики.
(отрываю 2 лепесток)
And here is the next task for you. (Учебники открыты на стр 36)
Look at the pictures and read the sentences in ex2. Find and write down the
phrases, which help us to describe a friend (person). Work in pairs.
to be friendly
to be on time
to be a good listener
to tell the truth
to remember the friends birthdays
to help the friends
Can you translate the phrases?
V. Повторение лексико - грамматического материала.
(3 лепесток)
Here is the scale. Put the adverbs of frequency in the correct order.(на листочках
в парах)
… … often
(100%) (85%) (70%) (30%) (0%)
Are you ready? Look at the board and check your answers.
(Упражнение на тренировку наречий частотности и нов лексики)
Look at the information about Sandy. Are the sentences true or false? Correct the
false sentences.
good listener
tell the truth
on time
remember friends’
help friends
1. Sandy sometimes tells the truth. F. Sandy usually tells the truth.
2. Sandy is always a good listener.
3. Sandy often remembers friends’ birthdays.
4. Sandy is usually friendly.
usually never sometimes always often
5. Sandy never helps her friends.
6. Sandy is never on time.
VI. Коллективный коллаж.
(4 лепесток)
Have you got friends?
How many friends have you got?
Who is your best friend?
Now you have to think about your best friend. You have got such sheets of paper.
Glue the photo of your friend, write down the name, the age and three best features
(качества) of him/her.
Attach your descriptions to the board. (Прикрепите) Who wants to tell us about
the best friend? (3-4 чел)
Thank you. Now we have a very nice best friends - collage.
Hands up - clap, clap, clap
Hands down shake, shake, shake
Hands on hips jump, jump, jump
Hands to the sides bend left, bend right
Stay straight, sit down.
VII. Беседа. Разбор проблемных ситуаций.
(5 petal)
Everyone has a good friend. Do you agree with this statement? Why?
(I think, that everyone needs a good friend. However, not everyone can be a good
friend. It depends on the person’s character. There are true and false friends. )
(6 petal)
There are many proverbs about friends and friendship. We will speak about four of
them. You have to match the beginning of the proverbs to the ending. Read them
aloud and find the Russian equivalents.
A good friend is as the sun in winter. Хороший друг что солнышко.
Money can’t buy the friendship. Дружбу за деньги не купишь.
A friend in need is a friend indeed. Друг познаётся в беде.
The best mirror is an old friend. Скажи мне, кто твой друг, и я скажу, кто ты.
Well done, children.
Now, you will see 3 short scenes. Choose the proverb from these four, which
corresponds to the situations. (на доске пословицы)
1 scene: 2 friends are playing football. 2 bullies (у) come up to them.
- Give us your ball, boy!
- No, it’s our ball.
- Do you want to fight with us? Ha-ha, look, where is your friend? He’s running
(Тумэн, Бато, Майдар, Слава)
2 scene. 2 girls in the street.
- Hi, Lena.
- Hello, Masha.
- Can you help me?
- What’s happened?
- I need to go to a doctor. Can you look after my little sister?
- Ok, no problem.
- Thank you.
(Лена К, Маша Буш, Аня С)
3 scene: At school
- Surzhana, can you help me with homework, please.
- No, I’m playing the game, you see. Leave me alone!
- But I can’t understand it.
- That’s your problem!
(Суржана, Полина)
Thank you, children. Now tell me, please. Which proverb is true to these
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Right you are. Do you agree with the proverb? Why?
(Because the real friend is the person, who helps his friends. The true friend will
help us when we need it. It is a person who you can always rely on )
I agree with you. The good friend never leaves his friends in trouble. He will try to
help his friends in every way.
VIII. Мозговой штурм. Brainstorming.
(отрываю 7 лепесток)
Here is our last petal.
Now you have to sum up the information and make a portrait (model) of a good
friend. (Словесный портрет)
Let’s remember the rules of the brainstorming.
1) You will have 3 min to brainstorm and write down your ideas.
2) Each idea is important.
3) Make the presentation of your work.
The time is up. Please, present us your models.
Good job, children.
IX. Подведение итогов, рефлексия.
You’ve got 3 smileys: red, yellow and green.
Raise one of them to answer the question. Red means NO. Green Yes. Yellow
both yes and no.
Did you like the
theme of the
Did you work
Did you
Did you learn
anything new?
Did we answer
our question?
Are you a good
Today your marks are:
At home, you should write an essay: Who’s a good friend? My best friend.
Thank you for your work today.
The lesson is over. Good-bye, my friends.