Презентация "What is a family in people’s life?" 6 класс

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Try to guess what we’ll talk today about. This is my father. This is my mother. This is my brother Paul. This is my sister. This is my grandmother. How I love them all. What is a family in people’s life? Give the opposites: father sister dad husband uncle son granddad niece mother brother mum wife aunt daughter grandma nephew Guess who they are.
  • My father and my mother are my
  • My mother’s daughter is my
  • My father’s mother is my
  • My father’s brother is my
  • My mother’s sister is my
  • My aunt’s son is my
  • The daughter of my brother or a sister is my
  • The son of my brother or a sister is my
parents. sister. grandmother. uncle. aunt. cousin. niece. nephew. “What a good family!” When members of the family… How do you help your mother?

Make your family closer!

Choose the words to characterize Tom and his aunt.
  • quick-minded
  • emotional
  • patient
  • sensitive
  • simple-hearted
  • liar
  • naughty
  • kind
  • cunning
  • loving
  • merry
  • sloppy
  • energetic
A coat of arms of an ideal family. Members of an ideal family should… Children should… Parents should… An ideal family should be… That’s why we’ve drawn…

H/t: Write a letter to your pen friend about your family.

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