Конспект урока "Our Planet" 8 класс

Урок английского языка в 8 классе. В ходе урока реализуются следующие
задачи: обобщить и углубить знания по теме, развивать речевые умения,
формировать навыки анализа и оценки предлагаемой информации;
воспитывать ответственное отношение к окружающей среде.
Тема: Our Planet
«One couldn`t pluck a flower without troubling a star
Francis Thomson, an English poet
Цели урока:
Обобщение имеющихся у учащихся знания по данной теме.
Формирование представления о нашей планете; об общих проблемах,
стоящих перед человечеством в 21 веке.
Задачи урока:
Учебная: Развивать навыки монологической и диалогической речи, чтения и
Развивающая: Развивать способность к умению выражать свое отношение к
ситуации, способствовать развитию мышления через использование
проблемных ситуаций и творческих заданий.
Воспитательная: Формировать уважительное и ответственное отношение к
природе, способность осознавать экологические проблемы и желание
помочь природе.
Социокультурная задача: развивать интерес к жизни на нашей планете
Тема урока: Закрепление знаний по теме « Our Planet».
Метод урока: Нестандартный способ обучения учащихся.
Форма урока: Урок - дискуссия.
Оснащение урока:
Наглядный материал: Видеопроектор, аудиозаписи (песня «Don`t kill
the World»), аудиозапись звуков природы, магнитофон.
Плакаты с афоризмами: «Our planet is our Hom, «If you don`t think
about the future you will not have it». John Galsworthy
Раздаточный материал:
Текст песни «Don`t kill the World».
Карточки с ситуациями.
Анкета – опрос.
Ход урока
Good morning, dear boys and girls and our highly respected guests!
You know, at the previous lesson I handed out the script papers of the song
«Don`t kill the World». And now you will listen to the song and try to catch the
We have just sung the song «Don`t kill the World» and it is not by chance.
This problem is very important nowadays. And why?
( Because our planet is in danger.)
You are absolutely right.
So, today we`ll speak about our wonderful Planet, different kinds of pollution
and share our opinion how to solve these problems.
Dear friends, do you know what colour our Earth is? (Рисунок)
Right you are. It is green. If the Earth is green it is a Healthy Planet. And
what does it mean: a Healthy Planet?
(I think a Healthy Planet means that plants are growing, soil is good, there is a
plenty of clean water, the air is clean, and animals have places to live in and things
to eat).
Francis Thomson, an English poet said:…………..
Do you agree with him?
( Yes, of course. Rains in summer, falling snowflakes in winter, leaves in
spring and a man can destroy the nature .)
( I think that many flowers suffer from their beauty: people pick big bunches
of flowers. They don`t think about the future. It`s possible that in ten years some
flowers will disappear for ever.)
( People kill animals, fish. They are in danger. People should understand that
the nature is not just their own town or country, but the whole Earth.
( I agree with Francis Thomson. Our nature is so beautiful. We must love it
and take care of it. We should enjoy flowers and not pick big bunches.)
T: We should remember these sayings: (Плакаты)
Could you read them aloud?
T: And now let`s listen to the poem «My Earth».
Т: Dear friends! Can we allow to die such beauty?
(No, we can`t. We must protect our planet. Big and small rivers, green
forests, high mountains, lakes belong to us. Our Earth is our home.)
( We must love and take care of our wonderful nature. Nature serves a man,
it is the source of his life.)
( I think people all over the world think about our Planet. They think about
air, water, plants and animals on the Earth and they are ready to protect the nature.)
T: And now let`s relax. Close your eyes, take a slow deep breath and listen to the
sounds of nature; the sounds of paradise. Музыка.
Т: So, our Planet has got a lot of serious problems. It is in danger nowadays. I
would like you to discuss them. Please, be active in the discussion.
But at first let`s remember some words:
Дышать to breathe
Сбрасывать dump
Отходы - waste
Загрязнять pollute
Химикаты chemicals
Безопасный safe
Загрязнение pollution
Закон law
Выживать to survive
Ядерный nuclear
Решать проблемы to solve problems
Защищать protect
Решение solution
T:Good, you know the words well. Now let`s play the game. Here is the word
«Pollution». You are to write the words which are associated with this term.
Law, nuclear , problems, international, organizations, planet, unhappy, life, pollute,
power, ill, try.
T: Well done. And now I want you to make up sentences using these words.
(Слова стираются по мере использования)
(Our Earth is unhappy.
The factories pollute the air.
There are many nuclear power stations in our country.
Many people are ill.
Air pollution, water pollution, nuclear pollution are serious problems.
We must make laws against pollution and try to help our planet.
I would like to work in international green organizations.
We enjoy the life on our beautiful planet.)
T: Very good. You know the words perfectly well. And now you will work in
pairs. Your task is to read the text and try to solve some problems of our planet
here in our classroom. You have 4 minutes. A, you`ll be our planet. Your task is to
read the text and be ready to tell about the problems of our Earth. You have 4
minutes too.
Are you ready?
So, let`s start.
(Звучит музыка и входит Земля)
Thank you very much. You will be able to help our planet. You are future
engineers, scientists, economists, teachers, designers and ecologists. I hope you
will be active in protection of our nature. You will work out new projects and new
slogans. I asked you to think of slogans and draw your leaflets at home. Could you
read them? (По очереди читают , я прикрепляю на доску)
T: Now I suggest you the test «Are you a friend of the Earth?» Answer the
questions, please. You have 3 minutes to do the task.
Now look at the table and count your points, please.
And now let`s see if you are a friend of the Earth or may be not.
Thank you for your work.
T: A motto. Dear friends, I suggest you a motto for our lesson: stand up,please.
Let`s hold hands and once again sing the song «Don`t kill the World» to let people
realize that our planet is really in danger.
Test «Are you a friend of the Earth?»
1. What does your family do with empty bottles?
a. Take them to a recycling bin.
b. Return them to the supermarket.
c. Throw them in the rubbish bin.
2. You eat a chocolate bar in the street. What do you do with the wrapper?
a. Drop it on the pavement.
b. Put it in a litter bin.
c. Save it for recycling.
3. When you clean your teeth, you:
a. Turn the tap on only when you need water.
b. Leave the tap running until you have finished.
c. Only use one glass of water.
4. Your favourite kind of transport is…
a. A car
b. A bicycle
c. Your feet: you walk everywhere.
5. What do you do with old newspapers, magazines?
a. Throw them away.
b. Give them to recycle.
c. I use them to make other things.
12-15 points: Keep up the good work! You are doing your part to protect the
11-9 points: You know about the problems of the Planet but you can`t do more.
8-3 points: You are part of the problem. You should try to became part of the
«Don`t kill the World»
Don`t kill the world!
Don`t let the Earth down!
Do not destroy the ground!
Don`t kill the World!
Don`t kill the World!
Don`t let the Earth die!
Help her to survive!
Don`t kill the World!