Презентация “Traditional Russian pastimes” 9 класс

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Traditional Russian pastimes Dacha Dacha
  • In summer it is customary for city people to stay at a dacha, or country retreat. Children swim and play at the dacha, while adults fish, swim, tend the garden, walk in the woods, and enjoy a life in complete contrast to the bustle of the busy city.
Traditional Russian pastimes
  • In autumn thick clusters of mushrooms spring up in the woods and fields. Armed with baskets and buckets, people scour the countryside, and even city parks, for the many varieties of edible mushrooms. They take their trophies home to eat straight away, or to dry for future use
Skating, skiing Traditional Russian pastimes
  • Outdoor ice-skating has long been a national pastime in Russia for people of all ages. In winter, frozen ponds or flooded artificial rinks attract crowds of skaters, who glide gracefully to piped music. The ice regularly swept free of snow, and heated cabins allow skaters to put on their skates in comfort.
  • Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes of the Russian people. Fishing under the ice is as important as summer angling in a country with such long and arduous winters as Russia. This pastime is particularly challenging and exciting in early spring, when the ice loses its firmness and begins to crack in places
  • Hunting was traditionally one of the most popular pastimes in Russia.
Shashlyk Bliny Borsh Pelmeni
  • For Russians there is nothing healthier
  • and better than native Russian food
  • Russians are very fond of drinking weak black
  • tea at any time of the day. they use a samovar 
  • which is a self-boiling urn.
  • The tea in the pot on top of
  • the samovar can then be continually
  • refreshed with the boiling water.
  • Now the samovars are run by electricity.
The Russian Banya
  • A popular tradition in the Russian culture is
  • the bathhouse
  • or banya.
  • It involves steam, high heat,
  • cold, and an invigorating beating with birch
  • leaves and branches.