Конспект урока "Heroes" 5 класс

Открытый урок Лаптевой Ирины Леонидовны
МБОУ города Астрахани «Гимназия № 4» Ассоциированная Школа ЮНЕСКО
Class 5.
The Theme: Heroes.Unit 5. Lesson 10.
The Aims:
1. Enhance cross-curriculum knowledge;
2. Develop listening, speaking & reading skills;
3. Help students to realize real heroic deeds.
The Objective:
The students will be able to describe any hero of the past or the present.
Technical Supplies:
PC, speakers, a multimedia project, a screen, Teacher’s Presentation.
Paper supplies:
The Outline:
I. Warming:
Hello everybody! Today we are going to speak about real and unreal heroes. Who are they? Who
do we call heroes & why?
(SLIDE 1, 2)
II. Brainstorm:
Look at the screen attentively. Think over the girl & her behaviour. Is she a heroine or not?
(SLIDE 3, 4)
Открытый урок Лаптевой Ирины Леонидовны
МБОУ города Астрахани «Гимназия № 4» Ассоциированная Школа ЮНЕСКО
III. Pair Work (Checking):
For the lesson you’ve prepared your dialogues about two Russian heroes.
1. Let’s start with ZOYA KOSMODEMYANSKAYA, shall we?
2. Our second hero is YURI GAGARIN. Would you like to speak to your
IV. Group Work:
So Bethany Hamilton, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Yuri Gagarin are real heroes and they made
very heroic deeds in our real life. But there are imaginary heroes too. They are famous for their
super strength and special power. Will you divide into groups & say some words about these
characters? I’ll give you 2 min. Time is up!
GROUP I Prometheus
GROUP II Spiderman
GROUP III - Batman
V. Presentation:
1. Listening. Relaxation.
Do you want to learn more about heroes? Is it interesting for you? Listen to the song, watch the
photos & guess the heroes.
2. Reading:
Yeah! You’re right! Today we`re learning about the Heroes of the Wild Wild West.
a). Pre - Reading Task:
Say if these sentences are true or false.
Открытый урок Лаптевой Ирины Леонидовны
МБОУ города Астрахани «Гимназия № 4» Ассоциированная Школа ЮНЕСКО
1. There were cowboys in America more than 1000 years ago.
2. Some American cowboys were criminals.
3. Modern cowboys don't look after animals.
KEYS: 1 False, 2 - True, 3 False.
(SLIDE 10 - 13)
b). While-Reading Task:
Open your SB 64.Now read the text, will you? I’ll give you 2-3 minutes. Ready?
c). After-Reading Task: Read the questions and try to answer.
1. Why is the image of the cowboy well- known today?
2. How many cowboys were African Americans and Native Americans?
3. What did gunfighters on ranches do?
4. Who did the criminals attack? What else did they do?
5. How is life easier for cowboys today?
KEYS: 1. Because of Hollywood films.
2. About 40%.
3. They protected the ranches.
4. They attacked travellers & robbed banks.
5. They use modern technology.
(SLIDE 14 - 20)
VI. Homework:
Well, we`ve told about real and unreal heroes. Now you know about these people and their acts
of bravery. And we`ve read new material about cowboys - heroes of the Wild West. Your homework is
to find information in the Internet about our ex-student Oleg Kopin, his courageous step & prepare a
short report for the class.
(SLIDE 21)
VII. Reflexion:
What have we done at our lesson?
What have you learnt?
Are you sure that you can tell your friends about your favourite hero?
Who is he? Why?
VIII. Marks & Conclusion.