Конспект урока "Англоговорящие страны" 7 класс

Урок «Анг лог оворящие страны»
(учебник М.З.БиболетовойEnjoy English-7”)
Класс: 7 (2010-2011 учебный год)
1. образоват ельные:
- обобщить изученный материал об анг лог оворящих странах
- создат ь условия для развития речевых навыков (монолог ической и
диалог ической ст ороне речи)
- закрепить умения использовать изученные социокультурные и
лексические единицы в речевых высказываниях
- способствоват ь формированию страноведческих знаний при инт ег рации
межпредметных связей (анг лийский язык + г еог рафия)
2. развивающие:
- развивать навыки г оворения, аудирования
- развивать способност ь к сравнению и выделению необходимог о
мат ериала, заполнению таблицы, к репродукт ивным и продукт ивным речевым
- развивать память, внимание, терпение
- расширят ь круг озор учащихся
3. воспитательные:
- воспит ыват ь инт ерес к предмет у «Анг лийский язык»
- воспит ыват ь добрые отношения между учащимися
- воспит ыват ь уверенност ь в себе
- воспит ыват ь толерант ност ь к ст ранам изучаемог о языка
Оформление: плакат с анг ло-г оворящими странами, карточки, основы для
коллажей, тесты для проверки, карт инки с дост опримечательност ями и
символами ст ран.
Ход урока
Teacher: (1) Good afternoon, dear boys and girls and guests of our unusual
Whatever country we come from, whatever colors our skin is, whatever
language we speak, we all have one thing in common: we are all people of the
same world. We have already known many foreign countries and nationalities.
Look at the blackboard.
(on the blackboard)
T.: Can you divide these words into 2 columns.
P1: We can divide them into countries and nationalities.
T.: Do you know these countries? What countries are they?
P1: I think they are all English-speaking countries.
P2: In these countries English is an official language
T.: Yes, you are absolutely right! And the theme of our lesson is “English-
speaking countries”. Let’s remember the words from the previous lesson.
(2) Listen to me and repeat after me. (Reading orally in chorus and then one by
The United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Northern Ireland:
England, Scotland, Wales and
Northern Ireland
The United States of
(2)T.: O.K. Nice reading! And now we are ready to go abroad to know English -
speaking countries better. Imagine that we go by train.
Come to me and take your tickets. Everyone has a personal destination. Be
attentive and don’t miss your station.
(3)Teacher gives tickets and helps to make a line.
We are ready to go but what traveling is without a song. Let’s sing “Life is
wonderful” (the author: Jason Mraz).
It takes some silence to make sound
And it takes a loss before you found it
And it takes a road to go nowhere
It takes a toll to make you care
It takes a hole to make a mountain
New Zealand
New Zealander
Official language
National symbol
Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la la life goes full circle
Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la la life is meaningful
Ah la la la la la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la la la la la la life is.. is so wonderful.. oh!
Ah la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la-ah
Ah la la la-ah ah-a ah-a
Pupils sing a song.
(4)Т.: O.K. Good song makes a boring way interesting! Here we are! The first
station is the USA. Who is going to visit the USA?
Rustam and Nail, your places are 1C.
Canada is the country of Great Lakes. Alina and Viktor, You are welcome to 1A!
New Zealand the country of the aborigines. Masha, but don’t be afraid they
are kind!
Australia where the famous opera house is situated. Enjoy! (Vlad and Nastya)
I invite you in the U.K. your place is 1B (Sasha and Inga). 2 C
(5)At your desks you see cards and paper. Choose the symbols of your country
and fill in the table. Make a collage of your English-speaking country. And be
ready to speak about it. You have only 5 minutes!
(5)Pupils begin to make a collage and then tell about their countries.
P1-2: Our country is the USA. The capital of it is Washington, DC. It’s a very big
country. The symbols of the USA are the Statue of Liberty, Hollywood, Broadway.
Soon we will have Thanksgiving day. The symbol of it is a turkey. The motto is:
“In God we trust”. The USA is a real melting pot!
P3-4: My countryis Canada. It is the second largest in the world. The capital is
Ottawa. There are two official languages in Canada: French and English. The
official symbol of my country is the maple leaf. The national sport game is
P5: My country is New Zealand. It is a small country in the Pacific Ocean. It
consists of two main islands and some smaller islands. The capital is Wellington.
They have Maori who lived here before the British came. The English in New
Zealand is called “Kiwi English”. Besides, Kiwi is a small bird – one of the
symbols of the country.
P6-7: Australia is the biggest island and the smallest continent in the world. It
occupies the whole continent. The capital is Canberra. Main symbols are
kangaroo, koala. Some people call the country “Oz” or “Lucky country”.
P: 8-9: The UK is an island state. It consists of 4 parts: England, Wales,
Scotland, and Northern Ireland. So, the full name of it the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It has great history and the head of the state
is the Queen Elizabeth 2. The symbols of the UK are Big Ben, tea (5
o’clock)and many others.
(6)T.: So, our traveling was nice and now I would like to sure that you learn the
main characteristics of every country we have spoken to. You are to have test
where you must answer the questions and choose the right variants. You have 5
minutes to do it.
Pupils do the test (see Appendix 1)
(7) T.: Well, the time is over and give me your tests. I’ll examine them and put
good marks, I’m sure. So, you worked hard. Do you like the lesson and what
English speaking country would you like to visit soon? How can English help
Now you see that it is very important to learn English and the more foreign
languages you know the better for your future, education.
(8)Your home task is to read the text 42 page 44. Why study English. Find the
other possible reasons to study English.
(9)Your work hard and especially:………………………………….. You have
excellent marks.
……………………..your work is good enough.
( My dear, today is anti-smoking day and you know that smoking is very
harmful. I know one proverb and say it in Russian: курение полезная привычка
лишь для смерти. Be smart and don’t smoke. Thank you for the lesson and
good luck. Good Bye!)
Appendix 1/Приложение 1.
Test for the 7
The theme: “English-speaking countries”
6) Australia is…
a) the smallest continent
b) the second largest country in the world
c) a small country
d) an island state
7) The capital of Australia is…
a) Wellington
b) Canberra
c) Ottawa
d) Sydney
8) The capital of Canada is…
a) Ottawa
b) New York
c) Vancouver
d) Toronto
9) The capital of New Zealand is…
a) New York
b) Wellington
c) Ottawa
d) Moscow
10) New Zealand’s emblem is…
a) a kangaroo
b) a kiwi
c) a bear
d) an eagle