Конспект урока ”Why is English so popular?“ 8 класс

Урок в 8классе. (K.Kaufman M. Kaufman “ Happy English.ru”)
Unit3 Lesson 7 (проведено на семинарском занятии муниципального
предметного методического объединения учителей иностранных языков
13.12.200 )
Тема урока:a role - play Why is English so popular?
Задачи урока.
1.С помощью ролевой игры обучать учащихся высказываться по теме «Роль
английского языка в современном мире»
2. Поддерживать интерес учащихся к сюжету с помощью текстов для
изучающего чтения.
3.Повысить интерес к изучению иностранного языка.
Оснащение урока.
Бейджики с сюжетными именами, карта мира, новые слова на доске,
мультимедийный материал, индийские костюмы, плакат с разговорными клише.
In a discussion
I agree with you. Я согласен с вами.
I don't agree with you. Я с вами не согласен.
Don't give me that! Ну вот только не это.
I'm afraid that's wrong. Боюсь, что это не так.
I think so too. Я тоже так думаю.
That's exactly what I wanted to say. Вот именно это я и хотел
Do you really think so? Вы действительно так думаете?
That's very true. Именно так.
Yes, but don't you think... Да, но не кажется ли вам...
I'm afraid I can't agree with you. Боюсь, что не могу согласиться
с вами.
As a rule, как правило
Could I say something here? Можно мне здесь сказать?
Could I ask a question? Можно задать вопрос?
May I interrupt for a moment? Позвольте мне перебить?
Sorry, but... Извините, но... You are right. Вы правы.
For example, например I can prove it. Я могу это доказать.
Ход урока.
Teacher: Good-afternoon, dear children! Nice to see you again! Today we are
having an unusual lesson - a lesson - discussion. It is called “Why is English so
popular?” We all know that English today is more widely spoken and written, than any
other language in the world. English is used by at least 750 million people and about
half of those speak it as a mother tongue. English has become the language of the
planet, the first truly global language.
Teacher: Let’s make a list of the English-speaking countries.
The pupils make a list of the English-speaking countries.
Northern Ireland
The Republic of Ireland
The U.S.A.
New Zealand
Three- quarters of the world’s mail and telexes and cables are in English. It is the
medium for 80 per cent of the information stored in the world’s computers. It is the
language of sports and glamour: the official language of the Olympics and the Miss
Universe Competition. English is the official voice of the air and sea, and of
Christianity. The largest broadcasting companies in the world (CBS, NBC,ABC,BBC)
transmit in English. English has no equals! Dispute if you can!
P1:Ladies and gentleman! We all have come here to argue why English is so
popular today. We all are from different countries, but we understand each other very
well. Isn’t it surprising? By the way I am Mrs. Forbes, а Canadian journalist and
English is my mother tongue. I am very proud of it, because it is the language of
William Shakespeare, Oscar Wild and others. I have to write an article about the
English language and I want to know what people from different countries think about
it. Now let me introduce you to each other. This is Mr. Brinks, а riсh American
businessman. This is Mrs. Belova, а Russian translator. This is Bamridge, аn English
historian. This is Мrs. Swarup, аn Indian student. And these are the students from 8A
P2, Mr. Brinks:
I think that English is so popular because it is the language of America. The world
has to understand America because it is one of the biggest and strongest countries.
Everybody wants to do business with America.
P1: Really? Can you prove that?
P2: Mr. Brinks. Yes, I can prove that.
1. Six out of ten richest people in the world are Americans.
2. The whole world eats in American restaurants: McDonald&, Burger King and
Pizza Hut.
3. The whole world wears American jeans such as Levis ['li:vaIz].
4. Hollywood is the biggest film producer in the world. The most popular films in.
the world are American.
5. The dollar is the most popular currency in the world.
6. The USA is the world leader in science and technology.
P3, Mrs. Belova: I think that English is so popular because it is very easy.
P2: Do you really think so?
P3, Mrs. Belova: Yes, I do and I can prove it. Let's compare English with
Russian, for example.
Plurals arе easier. Yоu just have to add аn -(e)s in the end. Сотраrе: Tables,
books, trees. - Столы, книги, деревья. Genders are simpler. In English уоu use "she"
for women, "he" for mеn and аll other words are "it". In Russian we have tree (it),
table (he), book (she), room (she).It's very difficult. English words don't change so
I read this book. - Я читаю эту книгу.
We read this book.- Мы читаем эту книгу.
Yоu read this book.- Ты читаешь эту книгу.
They read this book.- Они читают эту книгу.
Не (She) reads this book.- Он (Она) читает эту книгу. Yоu read this book.- Вы
читаете эту книгу.
I think that's very true. English isn't а difficult language. And another thing:
several European languages contributed to the formation of English. Саn yоu tell mе
P4, Mr. Bamridge:
I think that English is so popular because it has words from other languages. It is
like mаnу European languages and that's why реорlе саn learn it easily.
Look! А lot of English words are like German. The grammar is also very similar.
Меiпе Freuпdiп ist пеип Jahre alt. (German) - Му frieпd is пiпе years old.
Wir geheп iп die Schule. (German) - We go to school. (English)
Sie ist iпteressaпt. (German) - She is iпterestiпg. (English) Scandinavian words in
English: anger (гнев), cake, саll, egg, get, give, kick, kill, score, scrub, seat, skill, skin,
skirt, sky, take, they, them, their, ugly, want, window, husband.
Latin words in English: street, kitchen, сир, cheese, wine, angel, wall, paper.
French words in English: country, court (суд), сrimе (преcтупление), prison,
religion, prince, princess; royal, adventure, change, fruit, letter, literature, magic, таlе,
female, mirror, question, special.
P5: In fact, English is а Germanic language. Тhе Anglo-Saxons contributed to the
formation of English most of аll. English grammar is still very similar to German.
There are also а 1ot of French words in English from when William Duke of
Normandy bеcamе the King of England in 1066. You саn find а 1ot of Scandinavian
words in English too. Тhеу саmе from the times when the Vikings raided Britain. Тhе
English alphabet сamе from Latin. Christian monks, who spoke Latin, brought it to
England from Ireland.
It is very strange, but the Celtic language didn't contribute mаnу words to
modern English.
W е саn only find Celtic words in the names of places and rivers such as: Dover,
Kent, Аvon and the Thames, for ехаmрlе.
P6, Мrs. Swarup:
I think English is so popular because the United Kingdom used to have а big
empire. The British had colonies all over the world, and all the people - in the colonies
had to speak English. Your country, India, is an ехаmрlе.
Look at the mаp.
The beginning of the British Empire was in 1583 when Queen Elizabeth I sent her
ships to explore new lands and continents. The expeditions were always successful.
More and more lands bесаmе the part of the British Empire. At that time Doctor Dee,
the Queen's magician and astrologer, said the famous words: "British Empire". Не was
P7: Britain had the largest empire in the world. People said about it: "The sun
never sets оn the British Empire." It was true: the empire was so big that it was always
daylight in some part of it. Its territories were оn every continent and ocean..
P8: Вy the beginning of the 20th century the British Empire had а
population(население) of 400-500 million people (about а quarter of the world's
population at that time), and covered about 30 milliоn square kilometers.
Some of the countries that used to bе British colonies or territories are the USA,
Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, large parts of Africa, the Caribbean, the Far
East, the Middle East and some islands in Еurоре.
P1: I liked your arguments very much. All you have said is true. But nobody has
convinced me. To my mind English is very popular today because it is spoken all
other world. It is the official language of the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United
States of America, Canada, Australia. It's the language of соmputers, science, business,
sport and politics. English is the language of communication. But still thank you for
your arguments.
Teacher: So it is vеrу useful to learn foreign languages. Knowledge of foreign
languages helps us to develop friendship and understanding among people.
Speaking а foreign language yоu саn read papers, magazines and original books
bу great writers, watch satellite TV programs. If you like traveling уоu саn go
anywhere without being afraid that other people will not understand yоu. Еnglish is
vеrу important to find а good jоb. And let’s finish our discussion with a beautiful
English song “White Dove” in the performance of “Scorpions”.