Конспект урока "What does @ mean?” 8 класс

Урок в 8классе. (K.Kaufman M. Kaufman“ Happy English.ru”)
Unit3 Lesson 3,4 (проведено на семинарском занятии муниципального предметного
методического объединения учителей иностранных языков )
Тема урока: What does @ mean?”
Задачи урока:
1. Познакомить учащихся с великими изобретениями в рамках речевой ситуации
"Средства коммуникации и их роль в обществе" и обучать кратко высказываться о фактах и
событиях, изложенных в текстах.
2. Развивать умение находить ответы на вопросы в воспринимаемом на слух тексте.
3. Обучать ознакомительному чтению, выбирая из текста главное и опуская
Оснащение урока.
Мультимедийные средства, рабочие тетради с текстами для ознакомительного чтения,
магнитофон с записью, незнакомые слова на доске, фотографии изобретателей программного
обеспечения, Билл Гейтса и Рей Томлинсона.
Ход урока.
Teacher: Good-afternoon, dear children! Nice to see you again! Our lesson today is called
What does @ mean? or Means of communication through the centuries”. What things can you call a
means of communication?
Pupils(возможные ответы) a computer, a telephone, a letter, a pen, a telegraph.
Teacher: Yes, you are absolutely right. But if a flower can be a means of communication you
will learn at this lesson later. Now look at the pictures and answer the questions.
1 Which of these things саn уоu саll а means of communication?
2. How саn yоu use them to communicate?
3. Which of these means of communication do yоu take for granted?
4. Which of them are new or interesting for yоu?
Pupils(возможные ответы) 1.The computer, the alphabet, hands, the telegraph, the telephone.
2.I can use a computer to talk through the internet,
to get an information,
to write a letter
I can use an alphabet to write a letter.
I can use a television to get an information,
I can use hands to talk with gestures,
I can use a telephone to talk,
I can use a book to get an information,
Teacher: The telegraph line is a communication system which transmits signals with the help
of the Morse code. The picture also bears information. You can use fire to make a smoke signal and
send important information. The flower helps to express your feelings and make a contact.
Now listen to the tape and check one of your answers. Answer the questions.(Ex.3,p73)
1. Саn flowers bе а means of communication?
2. What does the lilу mean?
3. What does the yellow carnation (гвоздика) mean?
Идет прослушивание записи. После прослушивания ученики отвечают на вопросы,
затем текст прослушивается вторично.
Did yоu know that а yellow lilу means “happiness but а yellow carnation means “nо”? Yes,
flowers can bе а means of communication too.
For centuries people have communicated flowers. They were often able to say things that
people couldn't say to each other. This tradition goes back to ancient Egypt, China and Greece, but
the language of flowers bесаmе really popular in Victorian times. Реорlе who were in 1ovе used
flowers to send secret messages to each other.
Teacher: Now look at the screen and name the modern inventions. На экране
современные изобретения: Факс, магнитофон, наушники, видеокамера, колонки, калькулятор,
мобильный телефон, автоответчик, ноутбук, принтер. How can you use them ?
Teacher: Now let’s do the quiz. Ex.7, on page 74.
1. Who invented paper?
а) the Chinese Ь) the Japanese с) the English
2. Who invented the alphabet?
а) the Jews (евреи) b) the Greeks с) the Egyptians
3. Who invented ink?
а) the Egyptians and the Chinese Ь) the Chinese с) the Arabs
4. Who first sent private letters from one person to another?
а) the Greeks Ь) the Egyptians с) the Romans
5. Who invented the stamp?
а) the English b) the Russians с) the Americans
6. Who invented the telephone?
а) Telephone b) Ророv с) Alexander Graham Веll ,
7. Who invented the telegraph?
а) Alexander Graham Веll./b) Samиel Morse с) Mary Telegraph
8. Who invented the е-mаil?
а) the Americans b) the Russians с) the Germans
Teacher: If you want to know the correct answers to the quiz and what @ means, read the texts
"Ink", "Alphabet", "Means of writing", "Рарег", "Реnnу Black", "Telegraph", "Telephone", "E-mail"
in the workbook. Now open your workbooks on page 80, scan the text” E-mail “and find the answer
to the question: What does @ mean?
The pupils scan the text ” E-mail “ and do the task that follow below.
Nobody tried to invent the е-mаil. It simply happened. In 1969 an American, Ray Tomlinson,
was working оп two projects at the same time. Firstly, he was working оп а programme called
SNDMSG (send message). With that programme the people in his сomраnу were аbе to leave
messages for each other. The second project was а file-transfer programme (CYPNET). With that
programme users were аbе to send files between linked computers.
Suddenly Tomlinson had an idea. "If 1 put the two programmes together, I mау bе аblе to send
messages, not just files, to other computers." The idea worked and quickly bесаmе popular.
Tomlinson invented е-mаil addresses too. These have two parts: the name of the user and the
name of the host (the computer). Не chose the "commercial at" symbol and combined the user and
host names. For example: mishainin@lukinsk.ru (миша инин на компьютере лукинск.ру). The
decision to take the @ symbol took Tomlinson only thirty or forty seconds.
The new system grew quickly and soon it bесаmе network е-mаil. Nowadays users pass
messages between billions of different computers. People send e-mаils more often than they make
telephone calls. So Ray Tomlinson gave us one of the greatest means of communiсаtiоn in history.
Не is still working as а programmer and he doesn't think that the е-mаil was the greatest thing he has
done in his life. "I have done more difficult and useful things that took mе years," he says "Тhe е-
mаil took just а couple of days."
_Underline the wrong statements.
1. А lot of people were trying to invent е-mаil.
2. An American, Ray Tomlinson, was working оn а programme called SNDMSG.
3. With the SNDMSG programme the people in his сomраnу were аblе to send messages to
each other.
4. With the second programme (CYPNET) users were аbе to send files between linked
5. Ray Tomlinson put the two programmes together and users were аblе to send messages, not
just files, to other computers.
6. E-mаil address is the same as your postal address.
7. The @ symbol means "at".
8. Petrov@obninsk.com means (пользователь Петров на компьютере obninsk.com).
9. It took Ray Tomljnson years to invent е- mаil.
10. Ray Tomlinson got а Nobel Prize for his invention.
Teacher: Have you heard about the programme Power Point? Of course you have. With the
help of this programme you can create a presentation. It is a very interesting work and you should
learn to create your own presentations in English and we will be able to watch your own works at the
lesson and discuss. Now I suggest a short presentation for your attention.
Учащиеся смотрят короткую лирическую презентацию о потребности людей в
общении. Sometimes”.
Sometimes people seek all their life, but sometimes they can find something during a day.
Sometimes we expect strong passion like in a love novel, but sometimes an only kiss is enough
to feel tenderness and even passion.
Sometimes we smile to the sun turning our faces towards its rays, but sometimes we get on
huge sun glasses trying to hide smth.or hide ourselves.
Sometimes we stand spreading our hands towards wind taking away all its energy of unbridled
freedom, but sometimes we wrap ourselves in and tie our scarves tighter.
Very often a simple thing seems complicated. A black thing is white, a white thing is black.
Sometimes we aspire communication and hurry up to somebody, but sometimes we simply
want to close our eyes and need nothing… only you and silence
Sometimes we demand splendid flowers, but sometimes a bouquet of daisies for us is value..
Sometimes we dress up our splendid clothes, but sometimes we wear the same tank top in
which we sleep for several days.
Sometimes we simply need to hug somebody and to hear only three words: «Everything is
O’K» and fall asleep on somebody’s shoulder and ask him to stay and not to leave you alone
Sometimes a black cat crosses your road but remember...
…your dream always waits for you !
Simply listen to your heart…
Teacher: Do you like this presentation? Далее следует небольшое обсуждение.
Teacher: Have you heard about Microsoft? Of course you have. It is a well- known American
company involved in software production. Paul Allen and Bill Gates founded the Company in
1975.Today Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. His welfare until today is worth about
92,000,000,000 dollars. Bill Gates began his career in PC software, programming computers at age
13. Gates believes that if you are intelligent and know how to apply your intelligence you can
accomplish anything. Bill works very hard to carry out his vision.. He doesn’t believe in luck or any
sort of god, just hard work and competitiveness.
Перед уроком на доске пишу перевод слов: software, to carry out one’s vision, welfare,
1.What means of communication can you name?
2.What is Microsoft?
3.What is Bill Gates?
4. What does @ mean?
5. What is Power Point ?
Подвожy итог урока. Наиболее активным учащимся выставляю оценки.