Конспект урока "Food" 6 класс

Тема урока: Food.
Цель урока: активизировать учащихся в употреблении лексики по теме: еда, закреплять
грамматические навыки по теме: « Неопределенные местоимения», развивать
коммуникативные умения учащихся, практиковать учащихся в чтении и письме.
Ход урока.
I. Орг. момент.
- Good morning children!
- I am glad to see you. Sit down please.
- How are you?
- You are all very nice today!
- Let’s begin our lesson!
- today we will speak about food.
- But at first answer my questions, please.
II. Речевая зарядка.
- How are you?
- Where are you from?
- How old are you?
- Have you got a brother or a sister?
- What’s his ( her) name?
- What is your favourite colour?
- What is your lucking number?
-What kind of the weather today?
III. Фонетическая зарядка.
- Look at these cards and repeat after me these sounds:
1. [әе] 2. [e] 3. [ ^ ] 4. [i:] 5. [i]
- Look at these words and tell me words with these sounds:
[әе] . [e] [ ^ ] . [i:] [i]
Jam bread onion sweet fish
Cabbage egg butter cream milk
Carrot lemon honey cheese chicken
sandwich cherry mushrooms tea mineral
IV. Активизация изученного.
- Well done! And now you’ll remember the poems about food.
1). Poems about food. ( слайд №1).
( Слайды со стихами и иллюстрациями появляются на интерактивной доске).
Breakfast in the morning
Dinner at midday.
Tea comes after dinner
Then comes time to play
Supper in the evening
When the sky is red.
Then the day is over
Аnd we go to bed.
«This egg is bad»,
Says my dad.
«Take another», says
My mother!
A plate of meat
For brother Pete.
Some cheese and ham
For brother Sam.
Mike and Sam
Like sweets and jam.
2). Повторение лексики по теме: Еда. ( слайд №2).
( Слова записаны на интерактивной доске).
Vegetables: Fruits: Food:
Cabbage orange bread
Carrot apple milk
Onion banana butter
Tomato pear meat
Potato peach swee
Cucumber lemon fish
Beetroot cheese
Pepper ham
Garlic oil
3). Найди лишнее слово!( слайд №3).
Find and circle the odd word out:
1. apple, banana, carrot, orange.
2. breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner.
3. milk, bread, cheese, butter.
4. tea, milk, coffee, ham.
4).Тренировка в употреблении слов much - many. ( слайд №4)
- В каких случаях употребляется неопределенное местоимение:
much ( с неисчисляемыми им. сущ.)
many- ( с исчисляемыми им. сущ.).
Look at the blackboard and complete the sentences using many or much, little or few:
1. I don’t drink … milk.
2. How … bread is there on the table?
3. I like … sugar in my tea.
4. She makes … sandwiches.
5. I never eat … butter in the morning?
6. Why does he eat so … ice-cream?
5). Тренировка в употреблении слов some, any. ( слайд №5).
- В каких случаях употребляется
some ( в утвердительных предл-х.)
аny ( в отрицательных и вопросительных предл-х).
Complete the sentences using some or any:
1. There are … apples in the vase.
2. There isn’t … cheese on the plate.
3. Have you got … tomatoes?
4. Are there … potatoes in your bag?
5. He says he doesn’t like … fish soup.
6. Is the … milk in the fridge?
6). Тренировка в употреблении выражений:
- I like to eat / I don’t like to eat.
( Иллюстрации и слова появляются на интерактивной доске).
Look at the blackboard and say what of these things you like to eat or don’t like to eat:
1. soup 2. sausages 3. salad
4. onion 5. fish 6. apples
7. coffee 8. eggs 9. chicken
7). Аудирование.
Listen the story about girls and write whose food is it?
1) Kate likes bananas. 2) Olga likes oranges.
3) Sveta likes bananas and chocolate. 4) Jane likes cheese and apples.
1. This is Sveta’s food. 2. This is Kate’s food.
3. This is Jane’s food. 4. This is Olga’s food.
V. Проверка дом. задания.
- It is interesting to know about your favourite dish?
VI. Итоги урока.
-Thank you for your work!
- You were very active today!
Sometimes you say «Hello»
Because the bell has gone,
And every day you say
«Good day, good day, good day
It’s time to say «Good bye»
Good bye, my children, bye!
Our lesson is over. Good bye, boys and girls!
Республика Татарстан г. Чистополь
Заббарова Гузель Ильдусовна
школа № 4, 6 класс.