Дидактический материал "Квартира" 10 класс

My Flat
Ex. 1
Answer the Questions
1. Where do you live?
2. Do you live in a private house or in a block of flats?
3. Is there a garden in front of your house?
4. What is there next to your house?
5. Is your house far from the bus stop?
6. What floor is your flat on?
7. What modern conveniences are there in your flat?
8. Is your flat large or small?
9. How many rooms are there in your flat? What are they?
10. What is the biggest room in your flat?
11. How is your living-room furnished?
12. Do you often get together in your living-room?
13. In what room do you receive guests?
14. What kind of furniture is there in your bedroom?
15. Where do you keep your clothes?
16. Where do you keep your books?
17. Is there a study in your flat?
18. Where do you usually have meals?
19. How often do you clean your flat?
20. Are you happy to have such a nice flat?
Ex. 2
Ask your Friend
живет ли он в старом или новом доме;
где находится его дом;
как можно добраться до его дома;
какая у него квартира;
на каком она этаже;
есть ли у него телефон;
как обставлена его гостиная (спальня, кабинет, кухня)
Ex. 3
Fill in the gaps with the prepositions “in, at, on, above, of”
Mr. Bridge’s office is Hope Street. It’s right the centre Liverpool. It’s
a nice room the second floor a large old building. Mr. Bridge is his room
now. This is what his room is like. There are two desks and a table the room. Mr.
Bridge’s desk is the left of the window. There is a large map Liverpool the
wall. Mr. Bridge’s desk there is a lovely picture Liverpool. the right of the
door there is a filing cabinet. There are lots shelves the wall with lots books
them. the far end the room there is a TV set. There are nice curtains the
windows. There are a lot … people … the room now.
Ex. 4
Put in prepositions “in, above, of, over, on, from, with, at, to” where necessary
My sister got a very comfortable flat ... last year. It is ... the third floor ... a new
block ... flats. I got a letter ... my sister ... several pictures ... her flat. ... one of the
pictures you can see her family sitting ... the table ... the living-room. My sister is
sitting ... her husband and two sons. They are watching TV. It is ... the corner ... the
window. There is a piano ... the left ... the table and a small table ... a telephone ... it ...
the right. My sister is going to speak ... me ... the telephone tonight. You can see a
lovely carpet ... the middle ... the room and some pictures ... the wall ... the piano. My
sister’s sons learn to play ... the piano. Besides they are fond ... reading books and
have plenty ... them ... the bookcase and ... the shelves.
Ex. 5
Fill in the gaps with “there is / are, it is, they are
We are an international company. …. five offices in the company. … in
different cities. … ninety-nine people in the offices. …. businessmen, sales executives
and secretaries. The boss’s office is in London. …. in Fleet Street. … four directors in
the company. economists and trade experts. …. several assistants as well. of
different professions. a large office in Tokyo. in Shimizu port. a lot of
computers in each office. both business and personal computers. of course
word-processors, photocopiers and electric typewriters in each office. mainly
Japanese. We are going to expand our exports.
Ex. 6
Students: Good evening, Mrs. Parker. We’d like to see the room you let.
Mrs. Parker: Are you the students of the University?
Students: Yes, we are. We are looking for a flat with all modern conveniences.
Mrs. Parker: But where did you live before?
Students: We rented a room in an old house which was pulled down (снесен). Now
we temporarily live at our friends.
Mrs. Parker: Then go and see my room. There is all necessary furniture in it. The
room overlooks (выходит на) the city park and it is not far from the University.
Students: Your room is really nice and comfortable. But what about bed linen and
would you also allow to use the fridge and the Tv set?
Mrs. Parker: Yes, that is included in the rent which is quite reasonable. You are to
pay 1000 roubles each.
Students: It isn’t bad indeed. When can we move in (вселяться)?
Mrs. Parker: Any time you like. The room is ready.
Ex. 7
The House of an Englishman
Many families in London live in flats but most people live in their own houses
in the suburbs. Most of London’s suburban houses consist of two floors: the ground
floor and the first floor. All in all there are six or seven rooms in the house.
On the ground floor there is a dining-room, a sitting-room, a kitchen and a hall.
In the hall you can see a stand for hats, coats and umbrellas. A staircase leads from
the hall to the landing on the first floor. On this floor there are four bedrooms, a
bathroom and a lavatory. On the top of the roof there are three chimneys.
In front of the house they have a small garden, in which they grow flowers:
roses, tulips and so on. At the back of the house there is a much larger garden with a
lawn and some fruit trees. There is also a vegetable garden where they grow all kinds
of vegetables such as potatoes, cabbages, cauliflowers, onions and tomatoes.
Next to the house there is a garage where they keep their car. The garden is
enclosed by a fence with a gate in it.
suburb пригород
consist of состоять из
staircase лестница
chimney труба
lawn лужайка, газон
cauliflower цветная капуста
fence - забор
ФСТ – 1 «My Flat»
My flat
- большая
- уютная
- маленькая
- удобная
In the
there is/
- гостиная
- спальня
- ванная
- кухня
a living room
a bathroom
In the
there is/
- диван
- кресла
- книжные
- телевизор
a sofa
... is ....
- в середине
- около
- между
- на стенах
in the middle of
In the
there are
- красивые
- большие
окна с
- картины
- цветы
nice carpets
with blue
ФСТ – 2 «My Flat»
- Hello, Mike
- Hello, Helen
! How are you?
- OK. And you?
- I’m fine. I live in a new flat
- Oh, it’s wonderful! Tell me about your
, please.
- It is large and cosy.
- How many rooms are there in it?
- There are two
rooms there: a living
room, a bedroom and also a bathroom, a
small kitchen and a balcony.
- What is there in your room
- There is my table and two chairs, a bed
and a bookcase
- Are there any pictures
on the walls?
- Yes, there are some. And a blue
on the floor.
- I think, your flat
is nice.
- I think so, too.
small, comfortable
three, four, one room
the living- room, the bedroom
a sofa and two armchairs, a TV-set and many bookshelves (two beds, a wardrobe, a small table and the chairs)
flowers, bookshelves
red, green,grey, yellow, brown