Конспект урока "Обобщение времён страдательного залога" 11 класс

Урок английского языка в 11 классе по теме:
«Обобщение времён страдательного залога».
Цель: обобщить и повторить временные формы «passive voice».
1.Обучающая-отработать утвердительные, отрицательные и
вопросительные предложения в страдательном залоге.
2.Развивающая-развить память, логическое мышление,
быстроту реакции, внимание.
3.Воспитательная-воспитать ответственное отношение к
предмету, выполнению домашнего задания, умение общаться,
Ход урока.
1. Good morning. Are you ready? Today we will remember Passive
voice again. During our lesson we will work in pairs and in groups,
solve the anagrams, check your home tasks and make some dialogues.
Firstly, look at the board and try to solve this anagram.
W1`ders of the
Who can tell me the main theme of our lesson? (Wonders of the world)
Of course, you are right.
2. Which wonders of the world do you know? (The pyramids of Egypt,
The hanging gardens of Babylon, The statue of Zeus, The temple of
Artemis, The Colossus of Rhodes, The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus,
The Pharos of Alexandria).OK.
And now, please, answer some my questions about these wonders. If
you can’t remember it, you may open your books and find it at the text.
1) What wonder was built by a well-known artist? (The statue of Zeus)
2) Which monument was built as the last wonder? (The Pharos of
3) Which wonder was connected with sport and why? (The statue of
Zeus at Olympia. It was built to celebrate the Olympic Games)
4) What wonder was connected with religious purposes and why? (The
temple of Artemis at Ephesus, because Artemis was a Greek goddess)
All of these wonders are ancient. But which modern wonders do you
know? (The statue of Liberty, The leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel
tower). Very well.
3. Now let’s make the task, which is cold cut-story. Please, do 2 teams.
Every person in a group is getting several sentences, which he or she
must read and understand. Then you have to join to their team, discuss
and after some minutes try to tell us what this story is about.
1 story:
The statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island in New York.
It’s 46 metres high.
It looks like as a woman.
Her right hand holds a burning torch that represents liberty.
Her left hand holds a tablet inscribed with the date July 4, 1776.
At this day The USA declared independence.
So it is a symbol of independence for America.
The statue of Liberty was designed by French sculptor Frederic-Auguste
Bartholdi and completed in July 1884.
In our days this wonder is not only the statue, it is a light house for
planes too.
2 story:
The Eiffel Tower was designed and built by the French civil engineer
Gustave Alexandre Eiffel for the Paris World Fair of 1889.
It’s 300 metres high.
It is constructed of about 7000 tons of iron and has stairs and elevators.
You can climb up it or take the lift and get a panoramic view of the
whole city.
This tower is used as a meteorological station, a radio communications
station and a television transmission antenna.
There are a lot of restaurants and shops.
These days it’s become the trademark, the symbol of the city.
4. Let’s go on our work. Look at the board, please. What can you see?
(Rule). Complete this rule. Who is ready?
O+Be+V3 (ed) (past participle)
The Passive voice is formed by making the object of the
active phrase into the subject of the new phrase.
Remember this rule!
If you see on your desks, you can find special cards for every pupil.
Who has the first variant, has to complete these sentences using the
correct form of the verbs in passive.
Who has the second- rewrite these active sentences in the passive.
5. Now we will listen to the people talking about some modern wonders
of the world. You have to understand what they are talking about and
tell us the picture’s number.
(Speaker 1-Disneyland
Speaker 2- The statue of Liberty
Speaker 3- The tower of Pisa
Speaker 4- The Eiffel tower)
6. Let`s check your home tasks. You have to prepare the dialogues. One
of you might be a journalist, other- creator, artist or sculptor of the
wonder. You’ve got some minutes for preparation and we start listening.
7. What did we speak today about?...Today everybody of you worked
very hard.Write down your home task. Our lesson is over.Goodbye!