Конспект урока "Обобщение времён группы «simple»" 5 класс

Урок английского языка в 5 классе по теме:
«Обобщение времён группы «simple».
Цель: обобщить и повторить временные формы группы
1.Обучающая-отработать утвердительные, отрицательные и
вопросительные предложения в «Present,Past,Future Simple».
2.Развивающая-развить память, логическое мышление,
быстроту реакции, внимание.
3.Воспитательная-воспитать ответственное отношение к
предмету, выполнению домашнего задания, умение общаться,
Ход урока.
1.Hello,children.Today we will remember Present simple, Past simple
and Future simple.During our lesson we will play, check your
hometasks,sing a song and make some dialogues.
2.What did you do yesterday?What will you do tomorrow?(children give
their examples and then i will ask them to remake Present simple into
Past simple,Past simple into Future simple and .......
3.Listen to me, please.I have a problem.The wind has just blown and
everything mixed.You have to help me with this task.The class is
devided into two teams.Every person of the team gets a sentence of a
song,which he(she) must remember during one minute.After this,i will
take these sentences.Pupils join to their team and discuss their
sentences.After some minutes we will check the song and sing it all
My name s Tess.I m never late. My name s Dawn.I m always late.
I m never late for work. I m always late for work.
I wasn t late yesterday. I was late yesterday .
And i won t be late tomorrow. And I ll be late tomorrow.
Oh,no!I won t be late tomorrow. Oh,yes!I ll be late tomorrow.
4. And now let s work with your pupil s books.Please,open your books
on page number 27.Find exercise 6 and look at the pictures.You have to
complete the sentences about Sue with a verb Might.
5.Now look at Ex.7 and be very attentive!Today is Wednesday.Listen
and find out what Sue did yesterday.
6.Now let s play.Ask me some questions and try to guess what I will do
tomorrow-Will you fly? Yes,I will.
-Will you run? No,I won t.
7.Now let s check your hometasks.At home you had to make some
dialogues in Future simple.But at first look at Ex.9 at page 28 and add
these sentences in your dialogues.Do you understand me?....You will
have 3 min. for this task.
8.Look at Ex.8 and answer these questions.But your answers might be
only negative.(When pupils start doing this Ex.,they look a
problem.Some answers can t be negative.Because there are some
common and special questions at this Ex.
9.Now let s play a spelling game.Try to guess what the word
is.(Always,tomorrow,yesterday).What do you think about these adverbs?
-When can we use adverb Tomorrow?-In the Future simple.
-When can we use adverb Yesterday?-In the Past simple.
-When can we use adverb Always?-In the Present simple.
10.What did we speak today about?...Today everybody of you worked
very hard.Write down your hometask.Our lesson is over.Goodbye!