Конспект урока “House and home” 5 класс

Автор и составитель урока: Минниахметова В.Н.
Предмет: Английский язык
Класс: 5
Тема урока: «House and home».
1) Активизация лексического и грамматического материала;
2) Развитие навыков устной речи.
1) Развитие интереса к изучению английского языка;
2) Развитие лингвистической догадки и логического мышления.
1) Повышение мотивации к изучению иностранных языков.
Наглядность: картинки, карточки.
Ход урока
1. Оргмомент.
The topic of our lesson is «House and home». Today we shall speak about the
place we live in. The English people say: «East or West, home is best». What does
this proverb mean? Give the Russian equivalent of the proverb.
2. Фонетическая зарядка.
a. [i] kitchen, picture, video
[e] bed, bedroom, desk
[i:] street, green, between
[a:] armchair, carpet, dark, art, car, darts
[ͻ:] ball, tall, wall, hall
[ou] window, sofa, telephone, wardrobe
[εa] chair, where, there
b. The poem «Four mice»
There is a mouse under the bed.
There is a mouse under the door.
There is a mouse under the sofa.
There is a mouse under the floor.
Is there a mouse under the bed?
Is there a mouse under the door?
Is there a mouse under the sofa?
Is there a mouse under the floor?
Yes, there is.
3. Речевая зарядка.
Listen to me and answer my questions
a. Where do you live?
b. What is your address?
c. Do you live in a house or a cottage?
d. Which floor do you live on?
e. How many rooms are there in the flat?
f. Is your house big or small?
g. Is your flat comfortable?
h. Have you got a living room in your house?
i. Have you got a kitchen?
j. Is your living room comfortable?
k. How many windows are there in your bedroom?
l. What colour are the walls in you living room?
m. Are there many pictures in your room?
n. Where is the mirror?
o. Where is the clock?
p. Do you like your room?
4. Активизация грамматического материала. Оборот there is/there are.
1) Complete the sentences:
a. There are 2 rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom in my
b. There is a table, 4 chairs in the…
c. There are 2 beds and a wardrobe in the…
d. There is a lamp above the…
e. There is a plant on the…
f. There are many books in the…
2) Fill the blanks with «is» or «are»:
a. There… a telephone on the table.
b. There… many books in the bookcase.
c. There… an armchair near the window.
d. There… 3 posters on the wall.
e. There… 2 windows in the room.
f. There… a carpet on the floor.
g. There… a sofa near the wall.
3) Make up the sentences.
a. A, picture, wall, the, on, there, is?
b. Living-room, there, posters, are, four, the, in.
c. Table, in, a, is, kitchen, there, the.
d. Are, armchairs, there, bedroom, the, in.
e. A, there, clock, on, table, the, is.
5. Развитие навыков устной речи.
a. Describe your house.
b. Look at the picture and make up the dialogue.
6. Активизация лексического материала.
1) I want you to listen to some definitions and guess what it is. You can see the
pairs of the words on the blackboard. Listen to me and decide what thing I
shall describe first and what the second thing is.
Запись на доске:
A. 1. a wardrobe
2. a lamp
B. 1. curtains
2. a cooker
C. 1. a sink
2. a mirror
D. 1. an armchair
2. a car
E. 1. a flat
2. a garden
Примерные рассказы учителя:
A. It is a thing that helps us to read when it is dark in the room.
It is a thing where we keep our clothes.
B. They are things which are usually on the windows and make the room
It is a thing in the kitchen to cook our food.
C. It is a thing in the kitchen where we can wash up.
It is a thing that we can see our faces in.
D. It is a thing we usually travel by.
It is a thing where we can sit and read before the fire.
E. It is a place we can live.
It is a place where flowers and fruit trees can grow.
2) Listen to the riddles and try to guess them.
a. I stay in your bedroom. You see me every evening when you are going to
sleep. (bed)
b. It usually stands in the living-room. But sometimes you may sleep on it.
c. Look at me and you’ll see yourself. (mirror)
d. I like water. If you want to have a shower, please, come in. (bathroom)
e. It is the main room in a house where the whole family gathers in the
evening. (living-room)
f. It is the first room when you enter the flat. (hall)
g. It is not a room but some houses and most flats have it. (balcony)
7. Подведение итогов урока.
8. Домашнее задание: составить кроссворд по теме «House and home».