Конспект урока "East or West, home is best" 10 класс

План-конспект урока
Тема: "East or West, home is best»
Класс: 10
Цель урока: Развитие коммуникативных навыков на основе технологии
Задачи урока:
отработка коммуникативной мотивации обучения, направленной на
практическое овладение английским языком;
тренировать учащихся в умении вести аргументированный спор; слышать
друг друга;
развивать навыки монологической и диалогической речи;
развитие логического и критического мышления, памяти;
развитие творческих способностей учащихся;
социокультурное развитие учащихся;
создание полноценной мотивации к изучению иностранного языка;
воспитание общей культуры ведения спора и толерантности;
Оборудование: магнитная доска, карточки с лексическими опорами.
Тип урока: комбинированный с элементами технологии «дебаты».
Формы работы: фронтальная, парная, групповая.
План урока:
1. Организационный момент. (1 мин)
2. Постановка темы урока, сообщение цели. (1 мин)
3. Основная часть урока.
Мозговая атака. Брейншторминг.( 5 мин)
Активизация навыков говорения.( 10 мин)
Отработка навыков поискового чтения.( 10 мин)
4. Динамическая пауза. (1 мин)
5. Развитие навыка устной речи на основе применения
технологии « Дебаты» (15 мин)
6. Подведение итогов, задание на дом. Рефлексия. (2 мин)
Lesson Plan
1. Warm up;
2. Brainstorming
3. Speaking activity.
4. Reading activity.
5. Dynamic pause.
6. Debate: speech making; cross examination;
7. Sum up.
Ход урока:
I. Организационный момент. (1 мин.)
-Good morning, my friends! I'm glad to see you today. Sit down, please.
- Тоday some guests are present at our lesson, but I think that does not disturb you to
work good. Let`s begin. Who is on duty today? What day is it today? What is the
date? Who is absent?
II. Постановка темы урока, сообщение цели. (1 мин.)
The topic of our lesson is written on the blackboard. How can we translate it? What
Russian equivalent can you give? (В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше.)
Тоday at the lesson we` ll speak about advantages and disadvantages of living in
different places. We’ll find out what is more or less important for people’s choice.
We’ll learn how to advertise and write an advertisement of a place you would like to
live in.
III. Основная часть урока.
Метод мозгового штурма.
-What, do you think, can influence people’s life in any place and people’s choice
where to live?
( Ученики называют факторы и записывают их на доске и в тетради)
Активизация навыков говорения.
-Now, let’s decide which of these factors are very important, which ones are less
important and which factors are not important at all when people choose where to
live. You can use a structure on the sheets as an example for your answer.
. ( Ученики получают лексические опоры. Индивидуальная опора).
- Very well! We have decided what makes people to choose where to live.
Now work in pairs and divide all these points into negative and positive.
( Ученики работают в парах по лексическим опорам)
- It’s time to discuss! ( Ученики дают ответы)
Отработка навыков поискового чтения._
-Our next work is connected with different places for living. You can see five short
texts. Read them and decide what places they are about. ( Ученики читают
предложенные тексты, дают ответы на вопросы).
- Pupils, now look through the texts once again and think of the advantages and
disadvantages of the place.
VI. Динамическая пауза. Let’s play the game “ Be attentive”Listen to me and
do what I ask you.
Hands down! - Руки вниз!
Hands on hips! - Руки на бедра!
Sit down! - Садись!
Stand up! - Встань!
Hands up! - Руки вверх!
Hands to the sides! - Руки в стороны!
Turn to the left! - Поворот налево!
Bend right! - Наклон вправо!
Stand still! - Стойте смирно!
Stop! - Стой!
Hands up! - Руки вверх!
V. Развитие навыка устной речи на основе применения технологии «
Now I propose to discuss such question as` What is better to life in the country or in
the city?` in content of debate . Do you remember what debate is?
P. 1:A debate is a well organized , structured argument.
P.2: There are two “sides” in a debate 2 they take turns in spealcing.
Р.3: Each side is expected to listen to the other side and to “clash” with what they say.
- You are right. We divided into 2 groups. We need yury, Time-keeper. I hope you
remember the rules. It`s important to be polite, to listen carefully, do show respect,
yourself cool, to give examples and to speak slowly, clearly and in a pleasant voice.
Let`s begin.
- Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear quests! We start to discuss what is better to life in
the country or in the city?`
1 раунд
It`s better to live in the country.
It`s better to live in the city.
P1. We say If you want to live good or
very good you should live in the village.
The house in the village is the very
special space for rest and life. You can
enjoy such simple things of primary
importance as sunlight and fresh air.
P2. The first reason is good ecological
conditions. Pollution is the greatest
disadvantage of the city life of today. You
can not agree polluted air is hanging like a
brown cloud over cities. It causes
respiratory distress, particularly in children
and elderly people. There are a lots
environment problems connecting with
urban garbage, the exceeding output of
industries and urban communities.
P3. It is fairly certain that there are a lots
environment problems in the city. But
people try to lost these problems. And
we can see a garbage on the village`s
streets. But we would like to speak
about job in the village. Without a doubt
life in the countryside is rather hard. The
truth of the matter is the problem of
P4. In the city people have more chances
to be employed, as the range of jobs is
greater than in a village. Besides in the
city people have more chances to
succeed. And more and more young
people leave the countryside for a
better life in the city.
P5. As a rule there are some labour places
for skilled agricultural workers and for
professionals. Although villages do need
teachers and physicians. No secret that the
educational level is not so high as in the
city but there are so many talent pupils
here. And these professionals help to
develop children`s skills.
P6. There is something in what you are
saying, but the possibility of getting
good education makes the city
attractive for living and gives you many
chances to become a successful person.
P 7. . Working and living conditions are
difficult, social and cultural life in the
countryside is not full of entertainment
P8. That`s why living in the countryside is
cheaper and safer than in a city. It provides
people with more security.
P9. The rush-hour" with crowded
streets, packed trains, full buses
makes people nervous. Besides life in
the village is quite and peaceful.
People are friendly and hospitable
P10. I am pretty such that it does not
matter where people live. It is more
important what traits of character they
have. And place of living does not play a
- What are opinions of our jury?
( Жюри оценивает)
2 раунд.
Jury- What are disadvantages in the city? What are disadvantages in the country?
1) Pupils of the first group.
2) Pupils of the second group.
P-s: Certainly, the problem of employment in the countryside is very crucial today.
Working and living conditions are difficult, social and cultural life in the countryside
is not full of entertainment. There are few schools and clinics in the countryside. I’d
like to add that there is no place like your home town, no matter what it is.
-What are opinions of our jury?
(Respected opponents! Dear guests! Both speakers managed the time well, showed
respect to each other and to everybody present. They’ve spoken in a pleasant voice.
They tried to be convincing. Both used quotations appropriately in our opinion. They
listened to each other. There was some analyses of the issue on both sides. They both
stayed on task. )
VI Подведение итогов, задание на дом. Рефлексия. (2 мин)
- I believe that it's not the size of the place where you live that matters, but the way
you feel about it.
-Thank you for your work. - You were very active today.
Дополните фразу: Урок был……. Теперь я знаю………Хочу больше узнать…..
-Your home task is to write an advertisement of a place you would like to live in or
composition « The best of the world»
- Your marks...
Thank you for the lesson, it's over. Good-buy.