Конспект урока ”В мире языков: боди арт как язык тела. The World of Languages: Body art as a body language" 7 класс

Конспект урока
с использованием информационно-коммуникационных технологий
в образовании
Предмет: английский язык, комбинированный тип урока
Тема: В мире языков: боди арт как язык тела.
(«The World of Languages: Body art as a body language»)
Продолжительность: 1 урок (45 минут)
Класс: 7 (по УМК М.З. Биболетовой и Н.Н.Трубанёвой «Enjoy English»)
Технологии: презентация Power Point (включая видеоматериалы)
Оборудование: компьютер, мультимедийный проектор, экран /
интерактивная доска, колонки, раздаточный материал.
1) Образовательная – овладение фонетическим и лексическим
материалом по теме урока,
лингвострановедческим материалом о различных
видах боди арта, активизировать умение работать
с новыми словами, текстами, видеофрагментами;
2) Развивающая развивать память, мышление, воображение,
способность к догадке, внимание, активность,
волевые качества учащихся;
3) Воспитывающая – формирование уважительного и
доброжелательного отношения к народам стран
изучаемого языка, его культуре;
4) Практическая – введение и закрепление новой лексики по теме урока,
активизировать умение организовывать свою речь в
форме монолога, логично и последовательно излагать
свои мысли.
Ход урока.
Этапы, время
Деятельность учителя
I. Начальный этап
30 сек.
б) Сообщ-е темы,
постановка целей
2,5 мин.
в) Фонетическая
Речевая разминка
3 мин.
Good morning, pupils! How are you? Good. Sit down,
please. I am very glad to see you. Let’s start our lesson.
Today we’re going to discuss something very unusual.
At the previous lesson we discussed different nationalities
and languages. Let’s remember them. What languages can
you name? Ok. You are right.
Communication is the core of our life:
We live together and exchange much information,
And languages are keys that help us to survive,
But some of them are understood by every nation.
So what are they? Look at the screen and guess ‘em
And then we’ll see the theme of our lesson!
(Презентация слайд 1)
Well. Fine. That’s it.
So today the topic of our lesson is «The World of
Languages: Body art as a body language» (Презентация
слайд 2). We will speak about its forms, learn some new
words and discuss why people like body art. At the end of
our lesson you will get marks and your hometask for the next
To do all the tasks successfully we should learn some new
words. Look at the screen, please (Презентация слайд 3).
The words are presented with the translation. First of all I
shall read them. Now it’s your turn. P1, read the words
aloud. All right. P2, read them once more. Fine / read this
word one more time.
Now answer my questions using the new words:
1) How can young people show their individuality and
Good morning,
We are fine, thanks.
Name the languages.
Name the languages
on the screen.
Listen, read the new
Answer the
II. Основной этап.
а) Работа с
текстами (новой
информацией по
теме урока).
5 мин.
б) Просмотр
видеофрагмента и
10 мин.
informal style?
2) What is a tattoo?
3) Who used tattoos centuries ago?
4) What two types of tattoos can we name (according to
the time of their presence on a body)?
5) Why do people do piercing? What do they wear?
Allright. Excellent. Thank you for your answers.
Now let’s get more information about body art.
(Презентация слайд 4) Body art is one of the forms of
art, which is made on the human body. The meaning of this
art can be understood through pose, gestures and painting
different symbols on your body. The most common forms of
body art are:
- tattoos;
- body piercing;
- body painting
Now I want you to take sheets of paper on your desks and
work with some texts. Let’s read the first one about tattoos.
(Раздаточный материал).
You reading is perfect / good / you have some mistakes.
(Презентация слайды 5-7).
What do you think of tattoos?
Would you like to have one? What can it symbolize?
Why do people want to have them?
Very good. Thank you. Fine. Right you are. Nice.
Let’s watch the video presenting a slide-show of photos.
There you’ll see various tattoos. The task is prove that there
are different reasons for tattooing. Choose some pictures and
describe persons with these tattoos. Don’t forget to speak
about possible reasons for these tattoos, as you see it. By the
way, share your opinion. Prove that tattoos are a kind of
body language. (Видеофрагмент в презентации слайд 8).
Very interesting. I like it. Thank you very much.
Read the text.
Answer the
Watch the video.
Speak about tattoos.
в) Работа с
6 мин.
г) Просмотр
3 мин.
д) Работа с
4 мин.
Let’s continue working. Some words about body piercing.
Read the second text. You have 2 minutes to do it.
(Презентация слайд 9).
Imagine that you are mums and dads and your son or
daughter wants to have a piercing. Will you support this
idea? What information will you tell him or her?
Ok. Well done.
Now look at the screen. I will tell you about body painting
and show some amusing pictures.
(Презентация слайд 10).
Body painting is one of the most ancient forms of art.
Unlike tattoo and other forms of body art, body painting is
temporary, painted on the human skin, and lasts for only
several hours.
Body painting appeared in ancient cultures, mainly on the
territory of Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific islands and
parts of Africa.
(Презентация слайд 11).
Actors and clowns around the world paint their faces - and
sometimes bodies - for centuries, and continue to do so
(Презентация слайды 12-13).
Finally, in 2006 the first gallery of body painting was
opened in New Orleans.
(Презентация слайд 14).
Many artists work professionally as body painters all over
the world. Their work is seen regularly in television
Let’s watch the video and the process of body painting
itself. You will have to answer some questions
(раздаточный материал):
1) What do professionals use?
2) How can you characterize these people?
3) Is it difficult to be a model for body painting? Why?
4) What would you like to paint if you were a
Read the text.
Answer the
Watch the slides.
Watch the video.
Answer the
е) Работа с
текстом и
8 мин.
III. Заключительн.
3 мин.
(Презентация с видеофрагментом слайд 15).
Thank you for your answers. Clever of you.
While watching the video you have noticed that people
paint not only bodies but also faces. Let’s work with the last
text about face painting. You reading is perfect / good / you
have some mistakes.
(Презентация слайды 16-18).
Look at the screen. What are popular face painting designs?
(Презентация слайды 19-21).
Sure. Yes, of course.
Tiger - This design consists of a body of orange and yellow
paint, with black stripes painted on.
Butterfly - A female design. Consisting of the body of the
butterfly being painted on the nose and the wings added
across the cheeks.
Cat - It could be a plain black tabby cat or a wild leopard.
Either way, it usually consists of a neutral body of paint with
bushy eyebrows and a muzzle.
By the way, do you know where children can have free
face painting except hamburgers and coke? Sure, it’s
McDonalds. Have you ever tried that? What was it like?
Very good. Thank you, pupils.
(Презентация слайд 22).
One more interesting thing is hand art. Hand art is the
application of make-up or paint to a hand to make it look like
an animal or other object. Look at the screen and choose a
picture you like most of all. Describe it.
(Презентация слайды 23-29).
Our lesson is coming to the end. Today we’ve discussed
body art as a body language, also did interesting tasks.
What forms of body art can you name?
Which of them are the safest / the most dangerous? Why?
What information can body art (as a body language)
Read the text.
Answer the question.
Answer the
Describe pictures.
Answer the
(Презентация слайд 30).
Good. In conclusion, I would like to say that body art is
not only a body language, but also people do piercing and
tattoo to drаw people’s attention to themselves, to show their
inner world and to display their individuality. Body art is
popular with different people.
Nevertheless, the medal has two sides and to every plus
there is a minus. And some of these “canvases” look terrible.
But we shouldn’t forget that INTELEGENCE STANDS
Now your marks. (Выставление оценок, их
аргументирование, оценка работы на уроке каждого уч-
ся). Now open your diaries and write down your hometask.
Your hometask for the next lesson is to find a picture with an
example of any form of body art and describe a person
(characteristics) who has it and possible reasons for having
it. Our lesson is over. I was very glad to work with you.
Good bye! Have a nice day!
Get marks, write
down the hometask.