Презентация "Travelling About the Country and Abroad" 11 класс

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Travelling About the Country and Abroad
  • Автор: Атаманчук Н.А.,
  • учитель английского языка
  • МОУ ДО(С)ОШ № 9
  • Цель и задачи урока
  • Ход урока
Цель урока:
  • Составление диалогических высказываний в рамках данной темы
Задачи урока:
  • Отработка изученных ранее грамматических явлений;
  • Закрепление лексики по теме;
  • Активизация страноведческих знаний учащихся;
  • Отработка речевых клише в диалогической речи.
Формирование компетентностей:
  • В сфере самостоятельной деятельности;
  • В бытовой сфере;
  • В сфере культурно-досуговой деятельности.
Man had set sail long before he saddled a horse. Ships turned out to be the first means of transport. T. Heirdahl, the Norwegian traveller Make up your sentences using the words:
  • to announce
  • to book a ticket
  • cloak – room
  • to look for
  • to look forward to
  • on the day of departure
  • to board
  • to take off
  • to change from…to…
  • inquiry-office
Choose the appropriate words:
  • (land, miss, porter, journey, arrive)
  • We should hurry up if we don’t want to ___ the train.
  • They asked the ____ to help them with their luggage.
  • Our plane _____ in half an hour.
  • She _____ in Perm tomorrow.
  • He enjoyed his ______ to the South very much.
Past Simple
  • to work
  • +
  • II форма
  • worked
  • ?
  • Did (work)
  • -
  • Did not (work)
Present Perfect
  • to go
  • +
  • have/has gone
  • ?
  • have/has (gone)
  • -
  • have/has not (gone)
Ask questions to get maximum information
  • But first have a look at the model.
  • That’s why they bought it for her then.
  • She has already found it.
  • That’s why he arrived there late.
  • That’s why she decided to go there by car.
  • That’s why they have missed it.
  • That’s why he phoned there then.
Model: That’s why he booked the ticket there then. Pupil 1: Who booked the ticket there then? Pupil 2: My father did. Pupil 1: Where did he book the ticket then? Pupil 2: To Symferopol. Pupil 1: When did he book the ticket to Symferopol? Pupil 2: Last Friday. Pupil 1: Why did he book the ticket to Symferopol last Friday? Pupil 2: Because he is going on business there. Let’s talk a little
  • You and your friend are talking about your trip to France. Tell him what it was like.
Let’s talk a little
  • You are in a travel agency. Talk to an agent about your future trip.
Let’s talk a little
  • You’ve come to the booking-office to buy the tickets for a motor – ship to Samara.
Let’s talk a little
  • You’ve been to London. Talk with your friends about your journey there.
Do you know that…
  • On the island of Flores in Indonesia there are three unusual lakes of different colours.
  • The first one is brightly red, the second one is extremely blue and the third one is milk-white.
Do you know that…
  • In Dehli you can see a pole made from iron in the 4th century. So it never rusts. It is believed to be a wish – pole. One can think of a wish leaning his back against the pole and embracing it with his hands.
What other things have you come across while travelling abroad or about our country?