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“Business correspondence” Rockets may carry you into space English takes you everywhere Match the synonyms: Letter Visitor Various Bring Send Wrap Arrange Ask Goal Tax Cover Post Deliver List Pack Message Customer Register Request Hard Difficult Destination Different Charge Match the letter-writing phrases with similar meaning: 1) I’d like to thank you for 2) I’d like to tell you 3) It was just wonderful 4) I was quite fascinated by 5) a bit busy 6) in fact 7) last weekend 8) Great news! 9) Believe it or not 10) It’s been such a long time a) actually b) the other weekend c) Thank you so much for d) It was really great e) rather engaged f) I was really interested g) it’s been ages h) You are not going to believe this but i) I’ve got some fantastic news j) Let me tell you

The Kaliningrad Post newspaper

Is currently looking for the following excellent candidates

To join its sales team:

Sales Managers


  • Excellent communication negotiation and presentations skills;
  • 3+ years of experience in sales;
  • Goal oriented;
  • Team-player with strong leadership skills;
  • Fluent English;
  • PC literate;
  • We offer a good salary and an excellent opportunity for career growth.

    Please send your letters to Personnel Manager, 26 Sportivnaya Street, Kaliningrad.

Use phrases making up dialogues: Can I help you? – Чем я могу быть вам полезен? I’d like to speak to .., please. – Я бы хотел поговорить с….. To be in – быть на месте; To be out – выйти; This is …… speaking – говорит …… As Far as I know – Насколько мне известно; If it isn’t too much trouble - Если вас не затруднит; I’ll put you through – Я соединю вас. Could you spell that, please? – Не могли бы вы сказать по буквам.