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The London Underground The London Underground is the first underground railway system in the world. History
  • It was opened in 1863;
  • It ran 4 miles (6.5 kilometers) from the west of London to the City in the east;
  • The first lines were built close to the surface and used steam trains.
  • The earlier lines of the present London Underground network were built by various private companies. Apart from the main line railways, they became part of an integrated transport system in 1933
  • Originally the red coloured CO / CP / COP trains were painted in dark red and featured gilt coloured (with black edging) lettering. In 1973 this was changed to 'bus' red with white lettering. This image shows the two variants side by side.
  • The nickname "Tube" comes from the almost circular tube-like tunnels through which the small profile trains run. This photograph shows a southbound Northern Line train leaving a tunnel mouth just north of Hendon Central station.
  • The Underground has 270 stations and 402 kilometres (250 mi) of track, making the longest metro systems in the world . It also has one of the highest number of stations.
  • London's underground trains come in two different sizes - the smaller 'tube' trains and the larger 'mainline' size trains. A Metropolitan Line 'A' stock subsurface train and a Piccadilly Line 1973 tube train.
Interior of a Jubilee Line train Interior of a Central Line train 6000,000 people use the tube everyday The Northern Line covers 18 miles (28 kilometers),running from north to south The Piccadilly Line, running from east to west is 47 miles (76 kilometers) long The Tube’s outlines The tube in London Answer the questions: 1) When and where was the first underground system opened? 2) What is the most popular name for the London Underground? 3) How many people use the tube every day?