Конспект урока "Flat" 4 класс

Итоговый урок английского языка в 4 классе по теме «Flat»
Цель - проверка качества сформированности умений высказываться по теме и
воспринимать на слух иноязычный текст в пределах изучаемого коммунникативно-
речевого репертуара по теме «Flat».
Ход урока:
1. Организационный момент.
- Hello, glad to see you. How are you? Let’s begin our work. Are you ready?
2. Лексическая разминка.
- Guess the name of the room:
a) My mother always tells me to take a shower in the……
b) My father works at his books in the living-room because there is no……in our flat.
c) We take off our coats in the ….
d) We cook in the …
e) A room where we can have meals…..
f) A place where we can sit in front of the fire…..
g) A place where we wash the dishes….
3. Грамматическая разминка.
- Where is the ball? (показывается гостиная на картинке, а мячик перемещается
учителем по комнате; старайтесь использовать разнообразные предлоги).
4. Вызов (ситуация).
- Some days ago I bought a big house. Here it is.(показывается дом с крышей, а
вместо комнат пока просто 4 цветных или белых листов бумаги).There are two floors in
my house. I bought all the furniture, but I don’t know where to put it to make my room more
comfortable. I invited you to help me. Why? I know you are the best designers. Will you
help me to furnish the rooms?
- Make three groups. Here is some furniture. (раздать конверты, в которых лежат,
вырезанные из журналов предметы мебели с одним или несколькими лишними ).
- What rooms have you got?
- What piece of furniture mustn’t be in your room? (a sink, a fridge, a standard-lamp).
- Furnish the rooms, please, and be ready to describe them.(дается время на
приклеивание мебели и создание монолога-описания получившейся комнаты).
- Come to the front and describe your room, please. (таким образом, оцениваются трое
- Will this room be on the first floor or on the second floor?
5. Аудирование.
- One room is left. Now listen to the text and answer the question “What kind of room is
it?” (a study).
- Now take your pencils.(раздаются листочки с нарисованными стенами и окном).
Listen to the text and draw all the furniture in the study. Don’t forget that you’ll get
marks for this work. (включается запись повторно).
- Pass me drawings, please. Let’s make the right answer. (включается запись с
остановками, учащиеся подходят к доске и приклеивают мебель, которая лежит на
столе учителя, согласно тексту).
6. Страноведческий компонент.
- Now I’ve got a comfortable house. I like it very much. How lovely and wonderful it
is. Do you like it?
- What kind of house have I got? Is it an English or a Russian house? Why?
- Thank you for your help. You’re the best designers in the world!
7. Рефлексия.
- We’ll finish our lesson. But…what did we do at the lesson? Why?
- Tomorrow I’ll check your works and put the marks. The lesson is over, bye!
Приложение к уроку (текст на прослушивание)
This room is my favourite one. I work there much. There is a desk at the window. In the
left corner of the desk there is a lamp. There is a computer on the desk. The picture is
over the computer. The chair is at the desk. Next to the desk there is a large bookcase
with a lot of interesting books. Near the opposite wall there is an armchair where I like to
sit and read books. There is a big flower tree at the armchair. A small carpet in front of
the bookcase makes my room comfortable.