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Презентация "A musical tour of Britain"

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A musical tour of Britain

  • What is the musical Britain famous for?
  • What musical instruments are popular in Britain?
  • What national instruments are there in Britain?
  • What famous British musicians do you know?
  • What types of music can be heard in Britain?

  • Welcome to Britain!

  • British people are very musical and
  • they like to play different musical instruments
  • A lot of people in Britain play the lute

  • Concertina
  • “was born” in England

  • Bagpipe is the national musical instrument in Scotland

  • Harpsichord
  • (clavecin) was also popular in Old England

  • Talented British musicians are famous all over the world
  • A great British composer Henry Purcell

  • Andrew Lloyd Webber’ s rock operas and musicals are staged all over the world

  • Benjamin Britten is the famous British composer, conductor and pianist

  • The Beatles or the Fab Four made a breakthrough in pop and rock music

  • Sir Elton John is very popular pop singer and composer

  • Freddie Mercury was the leader of the group Queen, popular in the 70s

  • The British rock musician and actor Sting

  • Lady Gaga is popular among young people all over the world

  • Eisteddfod annual bard’s festival

  • Edinburgh International Festival

  • Aldeburgh Festival of classical music

  • Church choirs

  • The musical Britain is famous for its popular musicians, attractive events and national instruments