Конспект урока "My family" 6 класс скачать

Конспект урока "My family" 6 класс

Агапова Н. А., учитель английского языка
МОУ «СОШ №6» г. Новомосковска
«Моя семья».
«My family».
Цели урока:
активизация и контроль употребления лексики по теме "My family" c
использованием компьютерной презентации.
Задачи урока:
закрепление лексики по теме: “My family”;
развитие навыков монологической речи;
развитие навыков говорения;
развитие умения понимать иноязычную речь и реагировать на нее;
активизировать в речи лексический и грамматический запас;
совершенствовать грамматические навыки по теме притяжательный падеж
тренировать в умении вести общение на английском языке в предлагаемых
развивать фонематический слух;
развивать навык чтения вслух;
развивать критическое мышление;
развивать творческие способности;
расширять кругозор;
развивать память и сообразительность, мышление, внимание, умение
сравнивать, сопоставлять речевые единицы.
формировать потребности и способности к сотрудничеству и взаимопомощи
в группе;
развивать познавательный интерес у учащихся;
повышать мотивацию учащихся к изучению английского языка;
воспитывать чувство любви и уважения к семье, к родителям, Родине, к
изучаемому языку.
Тип урока : урок закрепления знаний.
Оснащение урока: раздаточный материал, мультимедийная презентация,
ноутбук, проектор.
Агапова Н. А., учитель английского языка
МОУ «СОШ №6» г. Новомосковска
Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you. Sit down, please. Who is on duty
What date is it today?
What day of the week is it today?
Who is absent today?
The theme of our lesson is “My family”. I want you to show everything you know.
I think we can start. First, let train our tongues.
2. Фонетическая зарядка:
Read the sounds on the screen and then guess the words which have these sounds.
[fæ] family, [ðə] mother, father, brother, [peə] parents, [rΛ] brother, [sI]
sister, [dɔ:] daughter, [sΛ] son, [t∫I] – children,
[ ræ] grandmother, grandfather, [kΛ] – cousin.
Let’s work again on the sounds and the words.
What poems about a family do you know? Who wants to recite the poem? Will
you come to the front?
Father, mother,
Sister, brother
Hand in hand with one another!
This is my father, this is my mother
This is my sister, this is my brother
This is my uncle, this is my aunt Lily
This is my cousin, and this is me.
This is my father, this is my mother
This is my brother Paul
This is my sister? This is my uncle
How I love them all!
Do you know Mary?
Mary? Who?
Mary MacDonald?
Of course, I do!
Do you know her parents?
Yes, of course, I do
I know her father and her mother too.
Do you know her grandparents?
Агапова Н. А., учитель английского языка
МОУ «СОШ №6» г. Новомосковска
Yes, of course I do
I know her Grandpa and her Granny too.
Do you know her cousins?
Yes, of course, I do.
I know her nephews and her nieces too.
3. Речевая зарядка.
Everyone has got a family. I'd like to ask some questions about your families.
Is your family big ?
Have you got a sister?
Have you got a brother?
What` s your mother's name?
How old is she?
Do you go to school?
Can you play football?
Can your mother ride a bike?
Do you play the piano?
Does your father drive a car?
Do you sing English songs?
Where do you go swimming?
When do you watch television?
Do you like cooking?
Do you love rock music?
Подобрать к картинке слово. Find the right words to the
Mother, father, son, daughter, grandmother, grandfather, family, parents, wife,
husband, sister, brother, children
Разделить длинное слово на части. And now look at the screen and divide the
long word into the parts. (презентация)
Ответ: son, cousin, mother, wife, parents, husband, child.
4. Проверка домашней работы (развитие монологической речи):
What about our homework. You are to draw your family trees? But before it, look
at the table and remember the possessive case.(презентация) Mind:
Mike’s car, children’s toys, girls’ dolls, Betty’s cat, Pat’s cup;
Книга Дениса, дом мамы, велосипеды мальчиков, мяч собаки, лошадь Лизы.
Will you come to the blackboard, . So, please, give your works in at the end of
the lesson.
5. Формирование навыков аудирования.
Now, I’d like you to listen to the text. While listening try to complete Mary
Barker’s family tree. You have the same tables,(презентация) please listen and fill
Агапова Н. А., учитель английского языка
МОУ «СОШ №6» г. Новомосковска
in the letters . (Рабочая тетрадь №12 к заданию 3.) Is everything clear? Exchange
your works to check. Here’s the key.
Another task is to fill in the missing words: , will you come and write up on the
Robert and Alice are Beatrice’s -------. David is William’s and Harry’s-------.
Elizabeth is Sally’s and John’s -------. Margaret is Harry’s ------. Mary is William’s
-------. Jim is Beatrice’s--------. Harry is Margaret’s -------. Robert is Charles’s,
Jim’s, Mary’s and Ann’s -------. Alice is Beatrice’s -------. Sally is John’s ------.
Charles is Ann’s and Mary’s --------. Ann and Sally are------. Charles, Jim, Mary
and Ann are Beatrice’s and William’s ------.
6. Формирование навыков чтения. Let’s go on to the reading of the text.
Open your textbooks: p. 35 ex.7. Read the text about Mary and her family.
Now find the right answer:(презентация)
How old is Mary?
1) Mary is 10.
2) Mary is 13.
Does Mary live in London?
1) No, she doesn’t.
2) Yes, she does.
Where does Mary live?
1) She lives in Glasgow.
2) She lives in Leeds.
How many brothers and sisters does Mary have?
1) Mary has two brothers and two sisters.
2) Mary has a sister and two brothers.
Do the children like playing computer games?
1) Yes, they do.
2) No, they don’t.
What do they like to do?
1) They like swimming, riding a bike, playing tennis.
2) They like dancing, listening to music, playing football.
Where does the family go on Sundays?
1) They go to the swimming bath.
2) They go to the zoo.
Correct the sentences: (презентация)
1) Mary has classes six days a week.
2) Mary has a small family.
3) Mary’s mother is Ann.
4) They have a cat and a dog.
5) In the evening Mary plays computer games and dance.
Find in the text the English for: (презентация)
- У меня занятия пять дней в неделю;
- Мои родители и я – хорошие друзья;
Агапова Н. А., учитель английского языка
МОУ «СОШ №6» г. Новомосковска
- Я обычно помогаю родителям;
- Моя семья и я иногда ходим в кино.
8.Формирование навыков монологического высказывания.
Now I want you to tell about your own family. Look at the screen. You may use
the following plan:
My name is….
I have got a big/ small family.
I have got a mother/ a father/ a sister …
My mother’s/ father’s name is …
She/ he is …years old.
She/ he is …(a worker, a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, a student, an engineer …)
She/ he likes …
We have…. (a pet, pets, a dog, a cat).
I am a pupil.
I go to school ….days a week.
I like…
I hate…..
I love my family very much.
(По ходу рассказа ученик использует свою семейную фотографию)
9. Домашнее задание. That is all for today. I want you to write down your
homework: ex. 24, p. 43 and ex. 26, p. 44. I’m pleased with your work. Thank you
very much, children. I’ll give you five…
10. We have some minutes left and I have a surprise for you: (презентация) let’s
make a crossword and some rebuses. Write up on the blackboard. We are going to
practice role play today. You have to imagine that you are one of the characters in
the cartoon family.
We’ll finish for today. You can put your things away. The lesson is over. Good