Конспект урока "Our ideal school"

Ход урока.
1. Organization period.
Приветствие, представление, определение настроения учащихся, сообщение целей урока.
Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls. I’m so glad to see you today.
Good morning, dear guests! Welcome to our lesson.
I’d like you to listen a poem. (После прослушивания: Answer my question, please. What is the
first of September connected with?
So, we’ll speak today about school today. But not about usual one. We’ll speak about
an ideal school. On your desks you can see pictures of different moods. You can choose one
which really shows how you are feeling when you go to an usual school. You can put a tick in
front of it. (Затем ученики говорят “When I go to an usual school I feel … “
2. T: When we think about school, we think about different things. Tell me please, what do you
imagine, when you speak about school? ( слайд №3 )
Yes, these are the main parts of school.
So, today is an unusual lesson we have a conference and you are experts in different fields.
Your problem is “Ideal Teachers”, your problem is “Ideal pupils”, your problem is “School
equipment” , and your problem is “ school canteen’. (учитель раздаёт таблички с надписями
на стол экспертов). And our topic is Our ideal school”. (слайд №4 ).
3. So, there are many professions, whose professions are connecting with teaching. Now your
task is to match the profession with its definition. (слайд № 5) . Ученики выполняют задание.
Затем слово предоставляется первой группе экспертов, чья проблема – учителя в
идеальной школе. Ученики рассказывают, каким должен быть идеальный учитель.
T: Do you agree with these pupils? What can you add to their opinion?
4. The next problem in school is students. Before speaking about pupils, I’d like you to answer
some questions and decide whether you are perfect pupils. (слайды № 6 – 8 ).
Ученики отвечают на вопросы викторины и подводят итоги.
And now we’ll listen to the experts – what do they think about ideal pupils. (выступление
T: Do you agree with the experts? Can you add something?
The following problem is connected with school equipment. Let’s listen to our experts.
(ученики рассказывают об оснащении школы)
And now let’s have a little rest and read some signs of school graffiti. After reading you’ll tell
me if the authors of these signs are right or not. .
T: We are going to speak about the last part of our discussion. As you know, we spend much
time at school and problem of school food is very important. So, let’s listen to our experts.
(ученики рассказывают о школьной столовой)
Conclusion. T: today we’ve discussed a lot of important questions, connected with school life.
As you know, our President in his speech told much about a new school, about ways of
development of our school. And who knows, may be some of our ideas will help to build a new
The lesson is over. Good bye.