План-конспект урока "Television – good or bad?” 8 класс

План конспект открытого урока по английскому языку
“ Television – good or bad?”в 8 классе.
Цель урока: развитие навыков устной речи, аудирования и чтения по теме.
Ход урока.
1. Начало урока.
Уч.: Тoday we are going to speak about one of the most important kind of Mass Media. I would like you
to read a poem on the screen and guess the topic of our lesson.
(слайд №1- стихотворение, ученики читают по цепочке)
После прочтения: What do you think, what we are going to speak about?
(слайд №2) So, the topic today is: “Television: good or bad?’
2. Warming up activity.
T: But before speaking about TV let’s remember all kinds of the Mass Media. Please, what kinds of Mass
Media do you know? (слайд №3 – появляются названия различных средств массовой информации).
T: Now give me please the definitions of these kinds of Mass Media. (ученики дают определения всем
видам СМИ.)
T: What is the most useful kind of the Mass Media?
What is the most common kind of the Mass Media?
What is the most interesting kind of the Mass Media?
What is the most expensive kind of the Mass Media?
What is the cheapest kind of the Mass Media?
Different kinds of the Mass Media have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s name the
advantages of TV. Thank you. And now name me the disadvantages.
3. Практика в устной речи.
T: Do you like watching TV? What kinds of TV programmes do you know? (ученики называют
T: So , you know many different programmes. Now I’ll read you the definitions of different programmes
and your task is to guess what programme I am reading about.
( слайд № 4, появляются названия программ на телевидении)
T: 1. This programme is based on facts and history: it can be about people, some inventions, art, nature.
2. This programme is about the latest events and politics. (the news)
3. These programmes are about different sport events and competitions. (sports programmes)
4. This is a programme where people compete to win the game. (game show)
5. This programme can be about different kinds of science, you can learn something from this
6. This is a programme, where ordinary people talk us about their personal life and problems.
(talk show)
7. This is a programme , where one and the same characters appear in everyday life situations.
8. This is a programme which tells us a story usually with some sad or tragic ending.(drama)
4. контроль дз
T: So, there are many different kinds of programmes and it is not easy to choose what to watch.
But I know, that different people like to watch different programmes. Please, tell me about your favourite
TV- programmes.
Ученики рассказывают о своих любимых программах – контроль дз.
5.Развитие навыков аудирования и устной речи.
T: And now I would like you to listen to the dialogue and tell (слайд №5, с вопросами)
1. What kind of programmes are they talking about?
Which of them is a telly addict?
What programme is interesting to Jane and to Jack?
После прослушивания ученики отвечают на вопросы.
6. T: So Jack is a telly addict, he watches whatever’s on. And what is your relationship with
television? To find out, choose the answer you like best.(слайд №6) ученики прочитывают
вопросы и выбирают ответы. Затем слайды № 7 – 9 чтение ответов
7. Итог урока, объяснение дз.
T: I think that we can’t tell exactly if TV is good or bad. Our task is to control TV and use it
intelligently. Your home task is to write a letter to your favorite channel about your favorite
programme. You have to write about likes and dislikes in this programme and what in this
programme you would like to change.
You have all work hard and your marks are.. So, the lesson is over.