Топик "London parks, covent garden, the globe"

Covent Garden is a large market with open-air stalls and
shops with souvenirs. You can also have a meal there.
You can find organic food with natural ingredients there
Covent Garden Ковент
Large большой
A market рынок
Open-air под открытым
A stall прилавок
To have a meal обедать
Organic food
органическая еда
Natural природный
An ingredient ингредиент
Too тоже
The Globe is a famous theatre in London. William
Shakespeare, a famous playwright, acted in this theatre.
He is famous for his plays ROMEO and JULIET and
HAMLET. The Globe is a round theatre with no roof.
The Globe Глобус
A theatre театр
William Shakespeare
Уильям Шекспир
A playwright драматург
To act, acted выступать
на сцене, выступаЛ на
A play театральная
Romeo and Juliet Ромео и
Hamlet Гамлет
Round круглый
A roof крыша
London is a very green city with many fabulous parks.
You can visit Regent’s Park, Hyde Park and Kensington
Gardens to have a break from sightseeing tours.
Kensington Gardens are famous for the Peter Pan Statue.
Hyde Park is famous for the Speaker’s Corner. Regent’s
Park is famous for the London Zoo.
Fabulous превосходный
Regent’s Park – Риджентс-
Hyde Park Гайд Парк
Kensington Gardens
Кенсингтонские Сады
To have a break from -
отдыхать от
A sightseeing tour тур по
To be famous for быть
A statue статуя
The Speaker’s Corner –
уголок ораторов