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Топик "The London Zoo, the British Museum, the London Eye"

The London Zoo is situated in Regent’s Park. It is open
since 1847. It is a small zoo but a fun place to visit. You
can see many amazing animals, birds and reptiles in the
London Zoo.
The London Zoo
Лондонский зоопарк
To be situated
Open открытый
Since с
A fun place забавное
Amazing удивительный
A reptile рептилия
The British Museum is a great museum of history. It is
absolutely free for tourists. You can see many
interesting exhibits there.
The British Museum
Британский музей
Great великолепный
History история
Absolutely абсолютно
Free бесплатный
An exhibit экспонат
The London Eye is a very popular tourist attraction.
Many people come to London to ride the famous
observation wheel. London looks nice on a clear day
from the bird’s eye view.
The London Eye
Лондонский Глаз
Popular популярный
A tourist attraction
To ride кататься
An observation wheel
колесо обозрения
To look nice выглядеть
On a clear day в ясный
From the bird’s eye view –
С высоты птичьего полёта