Топик "Madame Tussaud, St. James’s Park, the Thames"

Madame Tussaud’s is a wax museum. It is famous all
over the world. You can see many wax statues of kings,
queens and famous people there. Two million people
visit it every year.
Madame Tussaud’s –
Музей Мадам Тюссо
Wax воск
A museum музей
Famous знаменитый
All over the world по
всему миру
A statue статуя
To visit посещать
Every year каждый год
London stands on the river Thames. The Thames is the
deepest and most beautiful river in Britain. There are 27
bridges over the Thames and 8 tunnels under it.
A river река
The Thames Темза
Deep, deeper, the deepest
глубокий, глубже, самый
Beautiful, more beautiful,
the most beautiful
красивый, красивее,
самый красивый
A bridge мост
Over the Thames через
A tunnel туннель
Under под
St. James’s Park is one a royal park. It is the oldest and
the smallest park. It is near Buckingham Palace. There is
a lake in St. James’s Park, which is famous for its water
birds. You can see pelicans and ducks there. People like
to rest in this park.
St. James’s park – парк
Святого Джеймса
Royal королевский
Old, older, the oldest
старый, старше, самый
Small, smaller, the smallest
маленький, меньше,
самый маленький
Near недалеко, около
A lake озеро
Which который
A water bird водяная
A pelican пеликан
A duck утка
To rest отдыхать