Топик "The Houses of Parliament + Westminster Abbey + the Tower of London"

The Houses of Parliament is the seat of the
British government. It is a beautiful building
with two towers and a clock called Big Ben. Big
Ben is the name of a bell. It strikes every quarter
of an hour.
The houses of Parliament
палаты парламента
A seat место заседаний
A government
A building здание
A tower башня
A clock часы
To be called быть
A bell колокол
To strike бить (о часах)
A quarter четверть
An hour час
Westminster Abbey is opposite the Houses of
Parliament. It is 1000 (one thousand) years old.
English kings and queens are crowned in
Westminster Abbey. There are also tombs of
famous writers and scientists in Westminster
Westminster Abbey
Вестминстерское аббатство
Opposite напротив
To be crowned быть
A crown корона
A tomb гробница
A scientist ученый
A writer писатель
The Tower of London is a famous sight. It was a
fortress, a royal palace and a prison. Now it is a
museum. The crown and royal jewels are there.
The Beefeaters and the 9 ravens protect the
Tower of London.
A sight
The tower of London
Лондонский Тауэр
A fortress крепость
A palace дворец
Royal королевский
A prison тюрьма
A museum музей
A crown корона
A jewel драгоценность
A Beefeater
A raven ворон
To protect защищать