Тест "Phrasal Verbs" 8 класс

Module 1. Exercise1
Fill in: along, down, over, over with, across.
1. I try to get…with my friends.
2. This nasty weather gets me…
3. The sooner we start doing this report, the sooner we will
get … it.
4. It took her some days to get…the flu.
5. I never have difficulty in getting my ideas… .
Module 2 Exercise 2
Fill in: down with, off, without, with, up, after, through..
1.The price of petrol is going…in many countries.
2. The milk is bad. It`s probably gone… .
3. John is sad. He is going… a very difficult time.
4. How long can camels go… water?
5. Her shoes go…her clothes.
6. The police officer went…the robber yesterday.
7. I went… … the flu so I stayed at home.
Module 3 Exercise3
Choose the correct preposition.
1. It’s very difficult to bring up/down a child.
2. This photo brings away/back happy memories from my
3. The nurse brought round/about the girl by using some
cold water.
4. My new job brings on/in 15.000 rubles a month
5. Dima Bilan will bring out/in a new album next week.
6. The new headmistress has brought about/ round many
changes in our school.
Module 4 Exercise№4
Fill in : away, off, on, through, up with, out.
1. He put… his coat and left the house.
2. The manager put …the meeting until the following week.
3. The fire brigade were able to put…the fire.
4. Put…your things, please.
5. Can you put me… to Mr. Smith?
6. I can’t put… … your ideas. They are boring.
Module 5 Exercise № 5
Fill in: in, off, on, out, for.
1. Unfortunately, the concert was called… due to the rain.
2. Call… and pick up your CDs.
3. The air pollution calls…immediate action.
4. Jane called…her friend to see if she is well.
5. The fire fighters were called…to save the child from the
burning house.
Module 6 Exercise №6
Fill in: in, off, aside, back.
1. You should set… some money to go abroad .
2. We set …early in the morning to catch the train.
3. Weather has set…already, so went camping.
4. The opening of the new shopping center has been set… a
few days.
Module 7 Exercise №7
Fill in: up, out, away (2),back
1. Spies gave…secret information during the war.
2. She gave…eating fatty foods when she went on a diet.
3. Could you give… the exercise-books?
4. I gave…my old toys to my little sister.
5. I went to the library and gave….some books I borrowed.
Module 8 Exercise №8
Choose the correct preposition.
1. Rachel really take after/ up her granny.
2. The plane will take off/ on in ten minutes.
3. John decided to take to/up tennis.
4. Take off/ on your coat. It’s warm outside.
5. My music classes take up/to a lot of my free time.