Тест "Столицы англоязычных стран" 7 класс

У р о к 12. Столицы англоязычных стран.
Цели урока:
1. Активизация материала по теме «Порядок слов в предло-
2. Закрепление грамматических навыков (времена англий-
ского глагола).
3. Совершснствование навыков письменной речи (заполнение
Оборудование: карточки со словами для
| фонетической разминки; транскрипционные значки; анкеты
для заполнения по количеству учащихся; грамматическое за-
дания на карточках по количеству учащихся.
Х о д у р о к а
I. Орг.момент
II.Фонетическая разминка
Bui at first let's practise the English sounds.
[w] what, where, why, whale, wheel;
[h] who, whom, whose, whole;
[t] take, competition, part, participate;
[1] luck, lose, final, while;
[d] advertisement, kind, do, find;
[al] - why, while, try, final, find;
[f] friends, final, find, office, form..
III . Речевая разминка
- As I know you can answer the phone calls. Let's play the game
You will tell your friends what competitions you have partic
pate but the telephone doesn't work well. Your friends will ask
you if anything is not clear and if they are not right you'll have
to repeat your sentence again.
Игра “Испорченный телефон»
Один ребенок рассказывает, остальные дети переспрашивают
- I took part in the competition last year.
- Did you take part in the competition last month?
- No, I didn't. I took part in the competition last year. It was a
competition for young writers.
- Was it a competition for young actors?
- No, it was not. It was a competition for young writers. There
were 100 participants in the competition.
- Were there 200 participants in the competition?
- No, there were not. There were 100 participants there. The
competition took place in Moscow.
- Did the competition take place in Rostov?
- No, it didn't. It took place in Moscow. I won that competition
IV. Совершенствование навыков письменной речи (заполнение
- If you want to take part in the international competition you'll
have to fill in the application form in English. Let's learn to
do it all together. Упр.31,стр.15
Fill in the form. Примерная анкета для заполнения.
Independent School Information Service
Full name____________________
Date of birth__________________
Name @ address of present school_____________________
Sporting interests______________________
Other interests @ hobbies_____________________
VI. Активизация материала по теме «Порядок слов в предложении»
The next task for you is in your Workbooks. It's exercise 3,page 13.
упр. 31, стр. 15.
Примерное задание на карточке:
Put the words in a logical order:
1. Mother, visited, her, I, already, have.
2. We, a letter, not, written, have.
3. Has, he, work, finished, not, his.
4. People, school, built, have, new, this year, that.
5. Learnt, yet, poem, they, have, this?
6. Friends, your, found, sister, has, new?
VII. Закрепление грамматических навыков
We have remembered the Present Perfect Tense. Do you know
how to use other English tenses in the sentences? Let's open
the brackets in exercise 4, page 1314.
Ученики выполняют упр. 4, стр. 13 из рабочей тетради. В конце
урока ученики сдают рабочие тетради на проверку учителю.
Домашнее задание: учебник: упр. 22, стр. 30; р.т.упр. 2, стр. 13.