Конспект урока "A Perfect school" 7 класс

A Perfect school
Орг.момент (1 мин.)
Good morning, children. I am glad to see you. I hope you are fine and feel ready
for our work. Today you'll give smile for every right answer.
Фонетическая зарядка: (2 мин.)
Let's begin our lesson with a short poem ( слайд 1)
If I find my task is hard I try
and try again And I'm sure
I'll succeed If I try and try
Повторили 2 раза, убрала слова
Рисунок школы появляется( 4 мин.)(Слайд 2)
Look! What is it? You are right. It's a building of a school. So, today we'll speak
about a perfect school. We' II watch video, read the texts, make up short
dialogues. Right now, we'll open the windows of the school and remember
some expressions to use during the lessons.
Nada, please come to the blackboard and open the windows. You will read and
we repeat after you.
Now, choose 3 main ideas about a perfect school. Thank you.
Аудирование: (3 мин)
Pupils, thank you for your work. Our next stage will be watching video.
Прослушали видео.
Please open your notebooks and do a test. (a,c,c,a,b)
1. Where are these pupils from?
a) from Stepnogorsk
b) from Noyabrsk
c) from Moscow
2. What do they have in their town?
a) schools
b) hospital
c) schools, hospital, two cultural palace
3. How many languages do they study?
a) l
b) 2
c) 3
4. Do they like their school?
a) yes
b) no
5.What do they think about their school?
a) usual school
b) school of future
c) magic school
Now, let's check our task. Please, pupils change your seats and check the test.
Look at the key. Who has 5 correct answers? Ex. Who has 4 correct answers?
Good. All the rest we try again.
Физкультминутка : (1 мин.)
Look at the blackboard and repeat after me.
Let's continue our work. You will work in groups. Open your book p.72, ex.52.(5
The first text about Marina for you ; the second about Alfred for you; the third
about George for you;
After reading you'll express your opinion. What ideas do you agree and what
The 1
The 2
The 3 rd group:
Our next step will be making up short dialogue. You'll work in pairs. I'll give two
minutes for preparing this task. One pair from every group will act out.(4 мин.)
Дети встают и с места отвечают. The 1
-Do you want to study in a perfect school? -Yes,
I do. I want to study.
- Why do you want to study in a perfect school?
- A perfect school has a modern building and teachers to use new technology.
The 2
Masha, must pupils wear a special uniform at school? I don't like
the idea of wearing especial uniform at school. Why do you
think so?
Teenagers want to be different and their clothes can help them.
The 3 rd group:
What subjects do you want to study in a perfect school? I am
interested in foreign language.
Should pupils study several foreign language?
In my opinion, pupils should study two or three foreign languages, but they are difficult for some children.
Yes, you are right.
Письмо (4 мин.)
Our next step will be write nouns and verbs, adjectives connecting with a topic a
perfect school.
One person from every group come to the blackboard and write it.
Подведение итогов: (3 мин.)
That's all, we have time for.
What new information have you learnt today? What do you like best?
Try and you'll succeed next time.
Homework: You"ll write a short composition about a perfect school.
Every student comes to the blackboard and adorns school in colour which he, she wants.