Конспект урока “Aspects of London: we know all about it-or do we?” скачать

Конспект урока “Aspects of London: we know all about it-or do we?”

The topic of the lesson: “Aspects of London: we know all about it-or
do we?”
Level: Intermediate
Objectives: To expand the students knowledge of London’s historic and mordern
sites, to develop pupils’ interest in life of people abroad, to develop
comprehension, speaking and reading skills.
Equipment: video film about London, paper, felt tip pens.
Today we are going to visit some places in London which are internationally
known but the problem is that we don’t have a guide. Here you can see our
Wanted: Tour Guide. Enthusiastic young person requred to show tourists
around London. Applicans must speak fluent English. Knowledge of local area a
Take an active part in our lesson and you will get a medal of a best guide.
The first place is Buckingham Palace. Answer the questions having watched the
1. What ceremony can you see at Buckingham Palace?(Changing the Guard)
2. How often does the cercmony take place? (every day)
3. Who marches first through the gates of the Palace? (the band)
4. What is the job of the police during the ceremony? (not to allow the crowd
to follow the band)
5. What is the traditional uniform of the Guard? (a red coat, black trouses, a
6. What is the helmit made of? (the fur of a bear)
The next place is the Tower of London. Try to predict what you are going to
watch. What events or facts are these words associated with?
Fill in the mind map.
prison William the Conqueror
the Tower of London
1500 White Tower befeaters.
Watch the tape and check if you were correct.
William the Conqueror- he built the Tower of London in 1078 for protecting and
controling the city.
Prison- it was a fortress, a palace and a prison.
Befeaters- the Tower is guarded by the Geomen Warders popularly known as
White Tower- 30 meatres high.
1500-the year the uniform belong to.
St. Paul’s Cathedral.
Watch the episode and fill the missing information.
The Cathedral was built in .........(1666).
The Cathedral was built by ........(Sir Christopher Wren).
It took him........to buid St.Pauls (35 years).
The high of the Cathedral is.......(110 metres).
There are.......steps up to the dome (627 steps).
He build......churches after the fire (50 churches).
Thre is ............inside the dome (Whispering Gallery).
Let’s watch the next episode: Westminster Abby and Trafalgar Square.
Continue the sentences while watching the episode:
1. Westminster is ..................(the Home of the British Parlament).
2. Almost every corronation is happend here since........(W. the Conquare).
3. And above the Houses of Parlament rises London’s famous clock......
4. But Big Ben isn’t really the name of the clock. It’s the name of ........(the bell
inside the clock).
5. In the middle of Trafalgar Square is..........(Nelson’s column).
6. Nelson spent his life looking.......(over the sea).
7. And the statue also looks over the sea of........(pegions).
Now we are going to continue our tour. You can see a list of interesting places for
you to visit in London. The task is match the plasces to the pictures.