Конспект урока "Role Models. The heroes of the Second World War" 7 класс

Тамара Григорьевна Корнева
10 апреля 2010г.
Разработка урока «Role Models. The heroes of the Second World War»
Английский язык, 7класс, «Happy English.ru».
«If we want to live together in peace,
We must come to know each other better»
Lindon Johnson.
Topic: “ Role Models. The heroes of the Second World War.”
Цели урока:
активизировать выученную лексику по теме;
учить находить необходимую информацию в предложенном тексте;
развивать умение учащихся выделять главное, логично и
излагать свои мысли на иностранном языке, анализировать, обобщать и
сравнивать, самостоятельно строить речевое действие;
воспитывать культуру речи, интерес и уважение к истории и культуре.
раздаточный материал – тексты Douglas Bader и Aleksei Maresyev;
аудиозаписи песен “ Comin’ in on a Wing and a Prayer” и “Бомбардировщики;
Ход урока:
I. Оргмомент:
Teacher Good morning, dear friends! I’m happy to greet you at our English lesson. I’m
glad to see you happy and healthy today.
Dear friends, today we are having a lesson, devoted to the Second World War,
its heroes, we’ll remember songs and poems of that time.
II. Let’s start with World War II Quiz. I’d like you at our presentation (см. Приложение 1)
III. Now , children, I want you to continue this list of names: Nikolai Gastello,
. Ivan Kozhedub,
. Alexander Pokryshkin…
devide into two groups and look through the texts,(cм. Приложение 2), put the parts of these
texts in the right order, read them and answer the following questions:
a) Who are these texts about?
b) What qualities characterize these men?
c) Why do we respect these men?
d) What qualities can we respect in these people?
IV. Look at the photos and speak about these men. (см. Приложение 1)
V. Songs played a very important part in people’s lives during the war. They helped to cheer
everyday life and boosted the morale of the soldiers. There were all kinds of songs patriotic or
sentimental, danceable or humorous. Could you remember any of them?
The late 1930s and early 1940s produced some of the best and most enduring war songs.
Sixty years later they are still popular and continue to be played worldwide. One of such
songs is ‘Coming in on a Wing and a Prayer’ written by a famous American composer
Jimmy McHugh. It came out at the end of 1942 and immediately became a huge hit. This
song was translated into Russian (with some alterations) in 1943 and was first sung by Le-
onid Utesov. Let’s listen to them and compare. (см. Приложение 1)
VI. I hope you read a lot of books and poems about the Second World War. I’d like you name
your favourite works.
, P
, P
, P
, P
One of the most famous war poems is “Wait for me, and I’ll come back”. It was written
by Konstantin Simonov at the worst period of the war. The German army was just 30 kilo
metres from Moscow, Leningrad was under siege, three million soldiers had been taken
prisoner. The situation looked hopeless...
Our pupils are ready to recite this poem, let’s listen to them.
to Valentina Serova
Pupil 1
Wait for me, and I’ll come back! Жди меня и я вернусь.
Wait with all you’ve got! Только очень жди,
Wait, when dreary yellow rains Жди, когда наводят грусть
Tell you, you should not. Желтые дожди,
Wait when snow is falling fast, Жди, когда снега метут,
Wait when summer’s hot, Жди, когда жара,
Wait when yesterdays are past, Жди, когда других не ждут,
Others are forgot. Позабыв вчера.
Wait, when from that far-off place, Жди, когда из дальних мест
Letters don’t arrive. Писем не придёт,
Wait, when those with whom you wait Жди, когда уж надоест
Doubt if I’m alive. Всем, кто вместе ждёт.
Pupil 2
Wait for me, and I’ll come back! Жди меня, и я вернусь,
Wait in patience yet Не жалей добра
When they tell you off by heart Всем, кто знает наизусть
That you should forget. Что забыть пора.
Even when my dearest ones Пусть поверят сын и мать
Say that Im lost, В то, что нет меня,
Even when my friends give up, Пусть друзья устанут ждать,
Sit and count the cost, Сядут у огня,
Drink a glass of bitter wine Выпьют горькое вино
To the fallen friend На помин души…
Wait! And do not drink with them! Жди. И с ними заодно
Wait until the end! Выпить не спеши.
Pupil 3
Wait for me and Ill come back, Жди меня, и я вернусь,
Dodging every fate! Всем смертям назло.
What a bit of luck!” theyll say, Кто не ждал меня, то пусть
Those that did not wait. Скажет: - Повезло.
They will never understand Не понять, не ждавшим им,
How amidst the strife, Как среди огня
By your waiting for me, dear, Ожиданием своим
You had saved my life. Ты спасла меня.
How I made it, we shall know, Как я выжил, будем знать
Only you and I. Только мы с тобой, -
You alone knew how to wait Просто ты умела ждать,
We alone know why! Как никто другой.
Translated by Mike Munford
I’d like to thank you for our lesson. You’ve worked very well today. Now you know more about
the Second World War and its heroes.
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