План-конспект урока "Personal Information" 5 класс

Lesson 2. Personal Information
Objectives: Ss will
think and learn to express themselves positivly
experience an interview about their families
evaluate the relationships in their families
expand their vocabulary
Skills development: Ss will
practise reading for specific information and specific words
practise inferring information from reading
practose speaking about their families
Active vocabulary:
Typical, close, independent, serious, understanding, a nurse, characteristic, a parent,cruel, friendly, rude, (non-) athletic, to get on well with each other.
Stage of the
Purpose of the stage
1. Warm-up
-Good morning, dear boys and girls! I’m glad to see you. Let’s start our lesson. Do you know
this girl? (T shows Linda’s portrait p.40) Of course, this is Linda Silvester. And what do you
know about her?
(Ss tell what they know about Linda, they use: ... to be a student at.., to speak French, to play
the guitar, to have got a lot of friends).
- Now look at the pictures of Linda’s family –p.43. What can you say about Linda and
her family? What are they?
- (Ss possible answers: I think her mother is a doctor| I think her father is a manager and
her brother is a student, etc).
-Are they a close family? Do they get on well? (T translates the meaning of the expressions: a
close family, to get on well with each other).
To activate Ss’ prior
To establish a link
with the previous
lesson of the unit
To brainstorm ideas
Whole class
2. Vocabulary
-How would you describe Linda’s family, I mean what are their main characteristics?
(Ss’ answers: I think her mother is kind..,etc.)
-Let’s make a chart.
T makes a chart on the blackboard.Ss put down the information in their copy-books.
To introduce and
practise the new
Whole class
Linda is
Her mother is
Her father is
Her brother is
Her sister is
curious, has a
good sence of
3. Reading
-Now let’s listen to Linda’s interview, read her answers and find out more information about
Linda’s family. While reading mark all personal characteristics with a tick.
Ss do ex.6 p.43
-Let’s complete our chart –ex.7 p.43 will help us. Work in pairs, please. Complete the chart
“Linda’s family” using the words from ex.7.
Ss do ex.7 p.43
Practise reading for
specific information
and specific words
Practice note-taking
while listening and
Whole class
4. Language
-I see, you know a lot of words to describe people, to name their main characteristics. And I
have got a special task for you. Look! There are 4 cards:
in- im- non un-
I am going to attach them to the words. (T sticks the cards to the written on the blackboard
Non-athletic unfriendly impolite infamous
-Do you see any changes? What is the difference between athletic and non-athletic? Guess the
meaning of non-, im-, in-, un- .
(Ss translate the words which have the opposite meaning).
-Find out the meaning of these words. (T asks Ss to do ex.9,10 p.44) and use the dictionary if
necessary. You can use these words to describe someone’s character.
To present and
practise the suffixes
with negative
Whole class