Презентация "St.Basil’s Cathedral" 8 класс

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St.Basil’s Cathedral
  • Хайруллина Ландыш Ракиповна
  • 2010г.
This legendary building is known to everyone as …
  • the Cathedral of Basil the Blessed
  • Saint Basil's Cathedral
  • The Cathedral of Intercession of the Virgin by the Moat
From The History …
  • It is a Russian cathedral erected on the Red Square in Moscow in 1555–1561. It was built on the order of Ivan the Terrible to commemorate the capture of Kazan and Astrakhan.
  • The site of the cathedral was a busy marketplace.
  • Tsar Ivan IV marked every victory of the Russo-Kazan War by erecting a wooden memorial church next to the walls of Trinity Church;
Do you know that…
  • Nothing is known about the builders, Barma and Postnik Yakovlev, except their names and the legend that Ivan had them blinded so that they could not create anything to compare.
  • In fact, when built, the Cathedral was all white to match the white-stone Kremlin, and the onion domes were gold rather than multicoloured and patterned as they are today
Inside the building… Nowadays
  • The Cathedral is now a museum. Visitors take the route into the central church. You can also walk along the narrow, winding gallery, covered in beautiful patterned paintwork.
  • One service a year is held in the Cathedral, on the Day of Intercession in October.