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Презентация "Helping Hands" 7 класс

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Projekt “Helping Hands”

Project “Helping Hands”

“Memory Avenue!”

  • “Memory Avenue” was founded on April ,2000.
  • It is in the memory for those who died from radiation.
  • Every year the students of our school take part in the meeting.

My helpings hands

  • Last year my friend and I took part in the meeting on the 29th of September.
  • At first we discussed the problem of radiation pollution of our native place.
  • Then we worked. Adults planted trees, children helped to water them and cut the old trees branches.
  • We cleaned the territory of the Memory Avenue.


  • After work we had tea from the Russian samovar.
  • I think, that we helped people and nature
  • We were happy!!

  • We help our planet.

  • keep your country tidy!
  • respect the life and work of the countryside!
  • protect wildlife, plants and trees!
  • leave the place clean!